Getting off the + next to impossible?

  • Ok so I've been riding my V1 for close to a year and have gotten 2 methods of dismount nailed down.. now I feel like I can't figure out for the life of me on how to properly dismount off the OW+.. it doesn't want to disengage even when coming to a complete stand still and moving foot off of one of the sensors including heel lift causing me to almost do the splits.. jumping off is so sketchy as it is.. this has made me nervous to ride it anywhere that requires occasional dismount.

    I absolutely LOVE everything about the new OW+ EXCEPT for this one glaring issue.. it's either a bad footpad/sensor getting stuck or I'm missing something?.. I witnessed​ it spin out already without me on the sensor for a solid 5 secs before it stopped after failed dismount.. thankfully I was holding it down in the grass with my foot when this happened .. would of been a runaway board otherwise.. I have gone back to riding my V1 until I figure this out.

    How are you guys adjusting to dismounts coming from V1? Any tips?

  • move your foot to the front tip instead of the sides! ;)....I modded my v1 and had some troubles and this is a nice safe way to dismount
    slow down& move foot to the front. good luck ;)

  • @timvdp I concur. I like getting my toe over the front lip and then lifting the heel, works every time. Done cleanly it leaves you in a position to 'pinch' the board so you can stay in that ready-to-ride position. Also like just hopping backwards off the board, always a fun way to dismount.

  • @groovyruvy can we see a Video?

  • @GlueBreath Ok I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE THE POST!! As someone who is completely new to OW, I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if something was messed up or what. I have spent probably half my time on the board so far trying to come proficient getting off the board. However after all the this time practicing, I basically just really frustrated with it last night and just quit. I kept coming to an almost complete stop, then I would be standing on my front tip toe trying to balance waiting for the board to disengage, and typically after a few seconds of standing awkwardly like this, I'd lose balance the board would topple over as I jump off. Maybe like 25% of the time, I am able to to successfully able to get it to shut off and stop like I imagine it is supposed to. I find it quite embarrassing either way as I look very stupid trying to maintain balance waiting for it to shut off and typically ends with the board falling over. My board looks like it has been used for months based on how much damage it has taken from trying to dismount properly. Also last night I was working on just balancing and going forward and backward in small spaces with both feet firm on the board, and it just shut off. This made me think something was faulty with my board. Anyways I will try moving my foot to the front of the board to see if this works. Thanks

  • @goodblake-eskate Don't worry, it took me an embarrassingly long time to get the hang of dismounting my V1 Onewheel. Like two months at least. Even after 1,000 miles of riding time, I still sometimes screw up if the motor doesn't disengage when I'm expecting it to, and instead of dismounting, it starts to take off and I suddenly have to hop down while the board spins out under my foot and I look like an idiot.

  • @goodblake-eskate Stick with it man!!! The dismount is a skill just like being able to ride the board confidently over any terrain. It will come with practice! For the record, the goal should always be the Robert "Soup" Campbell dismount:

  • @Boomerang

    This is How I dismount on the V1 and think should be the same on the +.
    Once you lift your heel, allow it a second to disengage.

    Take some time, and best way is to approach a railing or anything you can hold onto and practice.
    Did that for a good week when I got it.

  • I'm finding no issues dismounting on my Plus (received yesterday). I have been using the heal lift technique for now.
    Come to a complete stop. Focus your rear foot's weight over your heal, allowing you to offset your front foots weight being focused on the ball of the foot while lifting the heal. You can hear a slightly audible click when the motor disengages and then you just set the tail down. I wonder if your sensor is glitchy.

    Keep at it!

  • @goodblake-eskate I am having the exact same problem. Its difficult for me to do the heel lift as I wear a size 15. In order for me clear both sensors, the front part of my foot is almost all the way off the board making it hard to balance for the board to disengaged. Yesterday I thought i had disengaged the motor and went to dismount when the onewheel took off, i ended up severely spraining my ankle. Sucks cause now I have to wait a week so I can try again to figure out this dismount. It would be nice for the board to beep when the motor disengaged so I know when its safe to get off. Not a fan of the jump dismount, but that might be my best option for now.

  • Only thing more difficult than dismounting a plus is being an air traffic controller. Believe me, because I have zero experience with either.

  • @Boomerang I made a little video showing 2 easy Onewheel + dismount options:

  • @groovyruvy said in Getting off the + next to impossible?:

    @Boomerang I made a little video showing 2 easy Onewheel + dismount options:

    Good god, man, how do you expect anyone to be able to do THAT? LOL

  • I'm finding the + much easier to dismount than the OG

  • @slydogstroh @thegreck Thanks for the encouragement!

    @sonny123 This is the method I have been working on, BUT once I get to almost a complete stop and try to lift my heal nothing happens. I thought perhaps I wasn't getting my foot fully off the other sensor so I would do that but like a ballerina on my very tip toe to ensure I was only on the one sensor. After seeing this video, it makes me think my sensors are faulty or lagging or something, because I would have to have my heal lifted for like 5 seconds for it to disengage if it ever did.

    @ctsiaki I wish I could say it was due to my size 15s but I'm a 11. Also I hate to hear you sprained your ankle that is the worst! I was on crutches for almost 6 weeks from spraining my ankle because an eskate issue this past summer. However I got back on my board a few weeks before I even started walking. I felt like it was good strengthening exercises since my foot was stationary while I flex it forward and backward etc like the board exercises PT want you to do. Not sure Onewheel would be the same though.

    @groovyruvy THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am going to try the first that first method you showed later. Looks so much easier than the ballerina pose I have been trying.

    Thanks to everyone for your help and for the commiseration.

  • @timvdp @groovyruvy : thanks I'm gonna give that a try and see how it goes.. I'm determined lol.. thanks for the video @groovyruvy .. hoping it is just my technique and not the sensor.

    Just came in from a ride on my V1.. it's almost 60 outside.. waiting for some of the school traffic to clear up then I'm gonna go back out there on the OW+.

  • The front lip heel lift totally worked.. way better.. definitely felt the click then drop.. now just have to practice this method.

  • @GlueBreath good to hear... headed home to give this a go

  • Breaking in your first onewheel is a rite of passage. I remember being quite devastated at how much damage my board took the first day. Even the first few months were tough. But now it wears the scars proudly. And the most difficult part was the dismount. Good luck it will totally get easier

  • @slydogstroh I've never seen that one. Legit dismount for sure!

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