Tracking battery level

  • The more I ride my plus, the more I dig it, but the range sucks. Battery technology has a long way to go. SO I already bought a portable power supply. Besides that, though, anyone have tips for making sure you don't end up marooned on a trail some place?

    Just now I rode until I saw I had about 60% battery left, turned around, and rode back home. Ended up hoofing it the last six blocks or so, bit awkward with the wheel and all. What I gathered is that the app updates at regular intervals and isn't actually getting live data from the board, so I was probably well below 60 when I thought I had plenty of range left. Looks like disconnecting/reconnecting fixes this. I heard OWBuddy used to have a "point of no return" notification when you hit 50% or something, but the apps have been merged now, right? Does that feature exist somewhere else?

  • The Onewheel app also can notify you at 50% battery. Did you go up some hills going home that you went down on the first half of your ride? It takes a bit of time but you'll acclimate to the range. Just be extra cautious for a bit while you're getting used to it.

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