The Plus is so good it can be called V2

  • Two month of waiting. The plus arrived early this week. Been riding 5-6 times a day, every day so far.

    On day two, I put up my original Onewheel for sale.

    Today, I got the second Plus.

    The Good
    – Speed, power, balance and the ghostly quiet engine, along with the "oh so close" surfing/hydrofoiling sensation is now really dialed in.
    – Didn't expect the upgrade to be THIS good. My Evolve GT electric skateboards, used every day prior to the Plus, are now sitting idly in the basement
    – Deep carves at full speed without sound and engine buzz are sublime.
    – The pickup is so smooth. Power delivery is no longer jerky and buzzy at high speed.
    – The battery life, originally much lower, is now stabilized and gives pretty much the same range as V1, except at much higher speed
    – The pads feel like they give you a wider, firmer stance - feels fantastic
    – Being a long-time surfer/kitesurfer, I'm already using the Plus as a surfing/hydrofoil trainer. V1 - not so much
    – After riding the Plus non-stop for three days, I took out V1. Felt like a toy with temper.

    The Bad
    – The only thing I can nitpick is pushback that comes in around 17mph. Somehow, with new power delivery and lack of buzz at high speed, don't have the balls to get the Plus above 21mph yet. Hopefully Delirium fixes that.

    Am I the only one THAT is SO stoked by the Plus? I cannot go back to V1 any more.

  • rich bastard!

  • Poor bastard, actually. Been saving for years and now not much in pockets. ;)

  • Enjoy!..,and stay safe ;)

  • Man cannot wait anymore🤤🤤🤤😍 thanksfor review. Can i ask you, what you would prefer more gt carbon or plus. Was thinkin about carbon too but then i went with the plus so i hope that i made the right choice...never ride any of these beasts

  • Looking at a powered board? Look into DIY stuff with Trampa decks and real motors. Some amaze-balls stuff out there.

  • I have to also agree it's definitely worth the wait.. but I'm not in a hurry to sell my V1.. it still gets better range for me at least then the plus (6+ compared to 5 miles) .. but having two boards means I can ride non stop back to back and boy has it been a blast and summer hasn't even started!

  • @GlueBreath

    Yep, always good to have a backup OW in case one needs to be serviced.

  • @Tomka You really need both. If picking one, I'd say the OW+, but Carbon GT, or much better - Ollin Board, is just as fun, but totally different.

  • Two boards is the jam! I will keep my V1. I like the way it moves/carves.

  • @MichaelW

    If only there's a way to dial back push back from the app...


    This is what I am getting into for the companion. Can't wait!

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