Battery Charge Diminishing on OneWheel+

  • So, I'm having this issue on the OneWheel+ where the charger is indicating a full charge with the green light but was indicating only 98% on the app. Then a few days later it indicates a full charge of only 93%. Now it's 92%. I'm starting to get a little worried that this trend will continue. Any ideas? Anyone?

  • Ride til you're at 1% then ride a little bit more. After that, prop the heavy side of the OW up on something, press the sensors, and spin the tire freely until the OW dies completely...that's how I do it, but if you're comfortable, feel free to ride it til it dies. After that, charge it overnight, the problem should be resolved.

  • I've had a similar problem with my v1. When I contacted support they said to do the exact same thing. Run it out of battery and then charge for at least 12 hours. Haven't noticed it since.

  • @BallewBoard why this happens is because the battery cells are unbalenced connect your board to the app go to settings and their will be a read out of all you battery cells

  • @jew_fro_1009 when you see they all read the same your percentage will go back up to 100%

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