Offroading the Onewheel+

  • Hello everyone. Since a couple of weeks my interest in the Onewheel(+) has been growing. I'd love to have one but there are a few concerns that are holding me back. Would love to have some feedback from existing user about some questions that I have.

    You see, I live a bit off the grid here. I don't live in a city, nor do I have nice paved roads nearby. I have a huge amount of offroad trails at my disposal in the summer. The road is made of gravel and the rest is just dirt, small rocks and lots of fun hills. But very offroad. It is also a swamp so during the summer it can get a bit moist at some places. The roads may collect a lot of water too. How does the board handle water, and rough terrain? Is the board waterproof? What's the limit of the board on rough terrain?

    During the winter we have lots of snow. Right now we have about 80cm worth of snow, and lots of beautiful nice trails in the woods made of compact snow as well as lots of frozen lakes. It is really fun to explore. Is the board suitable to drive on hard snow/ice? How does it handle cold temperatures?

  • @BlueWolf I have rode the original Onewheel in multiple places and different terrains and here is my advice for you. The Onewheel will take on a majority of terrains that you have listed however your largest factor here will be finding out the right tire pressures for what terrain you will be riding on. A lower tire pressure of 15 or lower will give you a smoother ride if taking on legit off roading that may contain small tree roots, small - medium sized rocks, or ground that is soggy and sinks a little bit. If the surface is sturdier and a cleaner ride like small pebbles and dirt then adjust maybe above 15. It will be a lot of preferences of your own but I will tell you this... The Onewheel really cannot handle any snow that is deeper than a dusting because of traction issues especially when going up, down, or turning in snow. It becomes dangerous lol. The board will handle well with water and puddles but don't go so far that the waters up to your feet drowning the board. With cold temperatures you will fine substantial lost in battery longevity because lithium batteries will loose a charge quicker. Hope this helps and no worries because the Onewheel can handle some amazing rugged terrain as well as nasty spills.

  • @BlueWolf I would be conerned with soft or muddy dirt. Without a fender, your pants will get dirty and debris will land on your footpads. Mud and snow on the footpads really makes controlling the board difficult if it gets captured under your foot and ground into the griptape. With a fender, mud builds up and gets compacted between the tire and fender eventually preventing the OW from moving. Don't expect great protection from water intrusion. The board may instill confidence as it survives minor water encounters, but eventually the moisture will cause board failure. The cold temperature performance is tricky. If you keep the board warm right up until you jump on and go, I've found 25 degrees F presents no problem except for decreased range (3-4 miles). If the board gets to 32 degrees F from the environment, it may not even turn on. If it does, lookout for complete shutdown when you hit normally doable bumps in the road. It may also change modes (shaping), change the light mode, and reset the lifetime odometer.

  • @BlueWolf
    You can also check the stoke forum threads to see some great offroad movies our forum members made!

  • sounds like you need a 4X4 or a helicopter!? ;)

  • @BradK @dcosmos Yeah, we make nice and smooth trails in the snow. I definitely am not going off the trail because then you'll get horrible stuck. But the path itself (under ideal conditions) would be quite solid and smooth. My only concern is how the board, the wheel and mechanics respond to the snow itself. Because no matter how smooth the ride is, you're going to get some snow on it to one degree or another. My main use of the board will be in the summer though, but winter usage would be very good too.

    @timvdp said in Offroading the Onewheel+:

    sounds like you need a 4X4 or a helicopter!? ;)

    Nah. In the summer it's quad time and in the winter it's snowmobile/sleddog time. It's fun. But one can never have too many toys to play with if you can get away with it.

  • @BlueWolf I think any snow accumulation on the board will not go well. I plowed through 2" snow for a block and the board shut down because it got cold so fast with snow cover. On hard packed snow, just go slower than usual but accept the possibility of shutdown. It can even handle a frozen lake thats not completely glare ice. Turns and velocity changes must be very gradual.

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