What's your Regen on the plus?

  • What's everyone getting on their plus? I ride about 5-6 miles and only get about 2-3% regen? I ride mostly flat ground and assume that's why.. but I think I should be getting more Regen ..

  • I think the regen meter in the new app is sub-functional...

  • @ZeeMox that's possible.. doesn't seem to do much

  • I'd love to know what everyone is getting. I just got my plus yesterday. I'll report back in a few days.

  • Check OW's Insta Story today haha....that's how you get some serious regen....get towed behind a car and leeeeeaaan back

  • Ill be able to respond adequately tomorrow when I get my +, however I usually get at least 8-9% on the regen on my v1. Live in a very hilly area

  • I was pretty impressed with the results i got from my testing. There is a spot i ride to up in the hills near me. It's 2.6 miles to the top of the hill from my place. It usually takes about 90-95% of charge to get to the top on V1.

    The plan is to take a particular route home so i am going down hill as much as possible.
    With the plus I made it to the top and headed back down at 10%. Because I was so concerned about battery life I was looking at my phone 1/2 the time and took a wrong turn(it was at night, no street lights, windy roads etc..) and had to take a longer route not all down hill.

    The verdict..I made it home with 1% left. Hardly scientific, but I'm calling that a win.
    I've had to walk home the last 1/2 block before on the V1 one or 2 times.

  • I just did a test. App showed 0% charge left at 5 miles. Board died at 6 miles. Not too many hills... kinda not impressed. I love the plus but I kinda wish I waited for V3 with a bigger battery.

  • @Corlux

    What psi are you using?

  • @sonny123 I'm using 20 psi. And I just fully balanced the board yesterday. That means I rigged up the sensor and then discharged the board fully until it ran out of juice. Then charged it for 24 hours.

    Pretty optimal sad to say...

  • @Corlux

    You should get more than 5 miles at 20 psi.
    Double check the tire pressure.

  • I got 6 miles, but the app said I had 0% at 5 miles. Has anybody noticed their app's charge meter is buggy?

  • I know the app can be buggy if the board is not balanced, but my battery was just balanced.

  • @Corlux so wait, you have a board?. your other post was a little crazy.. 5k$ for a plus?

  • @njcustom This is true. I have a very large mansion. I ordered a + for each floor. That's 3 floors, plus a basement. Then I have a few in the garage to scoot around the premises. I need to get to the carriage house frequently to check on my 12 falcons. Note, I don't have as many as that guy, but that's what its like when I have to travel.

    I like offering @OriginalEric $5k because I know it is going to a good cause. Plus my board will be unique because I acquired it from somebody who had extenuating life circumstances.

  • @Corlux I think you're smoken that wacky tobacco ...

  • @njcustom Yea, we have a lot of that around here. I'm going to see how my board performs again. Both in Mission and Sequoia. Hopefully I can hit 7 miles.

  • @njcustom Hey guys -- so what are you getting in terms of range? I can't comment on regen cause the andoid app is buggy, but range seems to be accurate.

    I get like 5.8 miles for a typical route on Mission. And the same on Cruz... which is really disappointing. I thought mission was draining the battery faster cause I was going faster.

    Thoughts guys? I'm kind of disappointed.

    (Edit) I got 6 miles once on mission, but that was RIGHT after a full discharge 24 hour charge balance.

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