Regenerating battery, best technique

  • What's up all!

    I had a great ride today up a extremely large hill to get to my destination. I had only 38% left in the tank for my retune trip.

    Due to regenerating the batter I reach my start location with 23% left!

    While breaking down the main hill I began to wonder if there is a "sweet spot" for regenerating? Or is it better to break as hard as you can while descending?


  • I think it fluctuates.. it probably has a capacitor to store the energy before it puts it safely back into the battery..

  • I think you only get power back when you brake, but when going down a slight hill, you gain energy by using much less power than when you going flat.
    You'll have to to be going down a steep hill and constantly braking to see some substantial gain.
    This comes to mind.

  • @sonny123 yes I understand breaking feeds energy back into the battery however what I'm trying to to figure out is how to get the most back.
    Should you break harder thus be descending slower, or try to keep some speed while breaking thus descending faster.

  • @OW1

    Slower descent will probably yield slightly more than faster descent.
    I've often thought about this on my E-Twow scooter going downhill.
    I could see the battery gauge going back up as I'm braking compared to no braking.
    Probably the same on OW.

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