Drop your pin; connect with local OWers.

  • Everyone seems to want to know if there are any other OneWheel riders in their area. Do you guys think something like this map would be useful? Everyone drop a pin with only their first name and zip code. You can then add your facebook url or e-mail address on your pin so people can find you to ride if you want. Thoughts?

    OW riders Map

    Todd M from the Facebook group OneWheel Owners Group had this great idea!

  • I don't know if this is really necessary - you can find nearby riders directly from inside the OW app. From the main tab, select the riders icon in the upper right corner and select the range. It looks like you can message them, too, though I haven't tried it.

    You can also see local rides near you, and if you mark rides before heading out it will save the ride route and stats for others to see.

  • The Bay Area Onewheelers are on Telegram app to coordinate meet ups. There are 15 of us and adding more every week.

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