Nose Dive on Plus during acceleration

  • During my last two rides the OW+ nose has dove into the pavement during acceleration. Both incidents occurred while traveling in the single digits (mph) and then accelerating rapidly. I felt as if the board simply shut down causing the front end to auger into the asphalt. Both times I ended up on my ass with bruises and road rash. The new OW+ only has 19M on the odometer. I am beginning to fear the new board and long for my version 1 board. I put over 400M on the V1 board in 8 months without a single technical issue.

    Since I am an android user, I am unable to monitor or alter the boards ride mode (very frustrating).
    Via the OneWheel Buddy App I do know...
    Hardware# 3206
    Firmware Version 4000.

    Please assist...

  • @JLove You can alter the ride modes manually. See this vid another forum user made:

    I believe the + ships in Cruz. This is a smooth ride, especially off-road, but I find the pushback to be waaaay extreme, and if you push through pushback by putting your weight forward, it seems the board will eventually dive. I saw someone else recommend you keep your weight centered and think of your feet as levers, basically.

    Also, with no elevated mode, going up hill sucks. I'm pretty much always chugging on steep grades with the nose right next to the ground. If I try to maintain speed coming at the hill, there's a good chance I'm nose-planting.

  • Your pushing to hard, and trying to accelerate to fast.... Accellorate at a more moderate pace you will be fine. Even on the V1, if you "hit the gas" to hard the engine will fail and you with nose dive...

  • Try to not lean forward with your weight as much when trying to accelerate fast. Instead, keep your center of balance over the wheel and just use your front foot to push the nose down to accelerate. That has helped me to prevent nosediving and still accelerate fast.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Never experienced "engine fail" or nose diving on V1 Onewheel. Guess I need to change my riding style for Onewheel+. Missing my trusty V1 board right now.

  • @ZeeMox Thanks for the link and suggestions. I manually changed ride mode. Per OneWheel Buddy app board was in mode 4. Now set to mode 6 per video's recommendations. Will give mode 6 a try.

    Wish Future Motion would get the updated Android app published.

  • @JLove said in Nose Dive on Plus during acceleration:

    @Aaron-Broward-FL Never experienced "engine fail" or nose diving on V1 Onewheel. Guess I need to change my riding style for Onewheel+. Missing my trusty V1 board right now.

    Just keep at it and you will get adjusted to the +..... I hope ;)
    and maybe the APP when finished might make it better in the future..
    If it doesn't work out I'll help you out and swap you my V1 for your V2, no biggie?!
    ;) LOL

  • @JLove I hope you contacted FM. Everyone likes to blame the rider for problems like this, but its starting to look more and more like there was a bum batch of +boards. I got a + that did the exact same things you described. I know for a fact it wasn't user error, because the second time the board dove on me it turned itself off. Mine's back at the factory for diagnosis/repair.

  • Most of this sounds like user error, and yes a lot of people blame it on the rider but you are the problem in this case, you can't accelerate as fast as you seem to be if your hitting the nose on the ground, if that is happening you are accelerating to fast, you can't just think it should go from 0 to 20 in half a second it takes a bit. Everyone claiming faulty plus boards... your just talking crap you can't expect them to hand assemble your board and not have a couple boards that are faulty you can't with anything handmade or assembled. That's why like IKEA has the buyer assemble it because they won't have anything to worry about because all there stuff is made on a machine. Nothing to screw up. I think your accelerating to fast and maybe switching modes should help, but you might just wanna get like an old iPhone that still work as your riding phone, so that if you fall and it craps out it's not a big deal.

  • @OffRoadOW Know it all. Didn't see any of the wrecks, but can diagnose them nonetheless. Plus you contradict yourself--everyone blaming faulty plus boards is just talking crap they're handmade you have to expect some faulty boards... What?

    My tech was bad. And others have had the same experience. You should probably stick to shit you know--like what happens to you, and not other people.

  • @shattle I never said I saw the wreck and I never will... I said it sounds like user error... it has happened to me when I first got the plus and I changed how I ride, it hasn't happened since. Your the one saying that I think I can diagnose it, I can't I'm giving input on what I think, your the one that is so sure it's not user error saying you hope you contacted FM, handmade stuff can't always be perfect is what I was trying to say, with hand assembled boards there is bound to be a couple with issues but I don't think his does... all your trying to do is start something for no reason, I am trying to help this guy having problems, your just making it a pain in the butt.

  • @shattle and I meant everybody claiming every fall is on a faulty board is talking crap because sometimes you are doing something wrong, I have done it everybody has that has owned a onewheel, from what I heard I think(not know) that he was doing something wrong, every handmade thing has faults it's how the world works. Obviously you haven't been paying attention to how it works long enough to understand. Obviously some of the crashed and stuff are because of faulty boards just not every single fall y'all have is because of a "faulty board"

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL said in Nose Dive on Plus during acceleration:

    Your pushing to hard, and trying to accelerate to fast.... Accellorate at a more moderate pace you will be fine. Even on the V1, if you "hit the gas" to hard the engine will fail and you with nose dive...

    Even @Aaron-Broward-FL knkws what's up, he knows what's happening and so do I, and I'm the only one you call out...

  • Also it seems like there is slot of mixed stories about what really happened to your onewheel, this story that you posted 8 days ago
    S shattle 8 days ago
    Exact same thing happened to me. I sent it back, they couldn't "duplicate" the error (no shit--it wouldn't turn on); I had to pay for new footpad.(this was in a post where the onewheel ran away unexpectedly, probably due to glue on the sensor pads I know this from past experience with re griping an older board.)
    But that doesn't line up with the nose dives that you are claiming to have the exact same problems with...
    and if this is with different boards and having so many problems, I don't know but I think if stuff like this happens that much to you, it is probably user error blaming it on the board, the board is only so good and can handle so much.

  • @shattle yea I saw that but that doesn't change that there are multiple stories of what happened, that you have posted, if it has happened like different things to 2 different boards, I don't think it is a tech error and it is user error.

  • @OffRoadOW What a tool. You saw my relevant post about a nosedive and decided to misleadingly quote a different post about a runaway to prove....what? Are you playing to the Onewheel forum jury. Quit telling strangers you know why things happened when in fact you don't. My board turned off. How was that user error?

  • @shattle
    don't bother ...he is a child ....16yr olds are idiots who don't listen and know ALLL!!
    LOL ;)

  • @JLove For what it's worth, I just got an email from FM telling me my board is back in the mail to me, post-repairs, no charge, which does not happen when FM concludes rider error. I asked them specifically what the problem was and haven't heard back yet. I'll post if/when I do, tho' FM is pretty cagey about info like that it seems.

    Hi Jason,
    Just wanted to let you know your repair us currently being shipped back to you, the tracking link can be found here. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Have a good day,
    Team Onewheel

  • @shattle
    The word direct from FM:

    Hi Jason,

    After putting your board through our diagnostic test, we were able to isolate the issue to a component within the battery module. Our repair technicians replaced the entire component. Subsequently, your board passed the exit inspection and was test ridden before leaving the factory to assure quality standard.

    You are now ready for more Onewheel adventures!!

    All the best,

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