Unbalanced cell making OW+ un-rideable

  • @TimsterB123 said in Unbalanced cell making OW+ un-rideable:

    The + sure is pretty and less beat up than my original! Wish I got to ride it even for 1 mile though...

    I've read great things about ISC Helicopter-OG-HD Surface Guard Tape: 1 in. x 30 ft., just ordered some to put on my OW's rails. One rail already scratched up a bit but I might be able to save the other! 🤞 Stuff is supposed to be super clear and durable.

  • @TimsterB123 I'm having the same problem with new +. Rode it down to 50% day 1 then went to ride on day 2 and got overcharged error after a couple minutes on flat ground and no charging. I have drained it and left charging for 2 days. The cells wont balance and battery level is switching between 0% to 100% from one minute to the next. I tried to ride with it again at 100% and was able to ride battery down to 75% only to have it abruptly give my another overcharge warning and watched app jump from 75% to 100%. Board is going back. Very annoying.

  • I may have similar issue although not as severe. Rode around 2 miles before battery got to 10%. Charged overnight and will see how far I get today.

  • My first day commuting I barely made it to work and back. Next day I had about 11% leftover, but I drained the battery before charging overnight again. 3rd day I had about 30% left! I definitely recommend breaking in the battery by running it down as much as you can a few times and charging overnight, you'll see improvement.

  • @8bit how long is the commute?

  • It's about 4 miles round trip, so I knew it should make it no problem. When I didn't the first day I was worried, but was happy to see an improvement after draining the battery!

  • Just got my plus in the mail today and put it on the charger. As soon as the light turned green and stayed green I checked the cels in the app and there was a .8v variance between the low and high cel. After 30 minutes they are all 3.36-3.38.

    I think they supposed to be at 3.6v which is correct for lifepO4. On the high side but ok.

    I think the manual says charge it for X amount of time before first use??

    What are others getting for cel voltage ranges and how old are the boards? V1 or +?


  • @wr420 What you are getting is fine unless you are getting serious range issues. It should be charged and ready to ride out of the box. Just ride it down to 0% and charge it overnight on occasion. Mine was an extreme case and not a concern for most people. Nothing would work to balance the cells and it could not be ridden without an abrupt shut-off almost instantaneously after moving.

    My V1 balances to 3.62

  • After leaving it on the charger for 3-4 hours all cels came up to 3.62 and I got 4.5 mile out of my first ride with 13% left. Not great range but what you gonna do.

  • Final update: Took two weeks to get my board back after sending it out but it is fixed and rides well. When I inquired as to what they found was wrong:

    "After putting your board through our diagnostic test, we were able to isolate the issue to a component within the battery module. Our repair technicians replaced the entire module. Subsequently, your board passed the exit inspection and was test ridden before leaving the factory to assure quality standard."

    Moral of the story, if you have the same symptoms I described in the original post, send it in.

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