Meet up, Central Florida this weekend, Sat April 22, 2017 at UCF

  • There is a better than 50% chance i will be in Orlando this weekend, just waiting on final confirmation. If so, I will be on campus for what they call the "UCFastival" kids rides, concerts, stunt motorcycles and the spring game football game. Last year I rode around campus with the onewheel, was fun, through all the tailgating. This year I have 2, so my son and I will ride, I'm sure he will get bored quick and want to spend more time on rides and with his cousins than anything. So, if you Orlando types want to Form a Brute squad / Biker gang/ OneWheel Gang/ and ride the many wonders of the UCF campus on that Saturday, we could have some fun. Worry not about running around there, I know some folks... :).

    Let me know if any of you guys are interested in meeting up for an hour or two, hang out, There will be your normal assortment of food trucks and things, and if you have kids/ family, everything is free but the food, so, they can come ride the rides watch the crazy motorcycle stunts, it was actually pretty cool last year, just google UCfastival.

  • Sounds awesome man!! Good luck getting a group together! If you end up going be sure to get some footage for us!

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