Got my onewheel small unboxing *instagram*

  • @Eliminator I am in mode 6 which is Mission.

  • @s2kboy I know. You had said you wanted to feel pushback. Not sure if already did this but put in mode 4 and you'll feel it pretty quick.

  • 0_1492809261249_Screenshot_20170421-170628.png


  • Okay I put it in "squid" mode and I felt the pushback actually seems very intuitive and not super harsh but it can kick you back feeling like you are about to scrape the tail.

  • 0_1492882234836_Screenshot_20170422-132325.png

    Range got a lot better after I did 4 deep cycle charges overnight after depleting it. Almost 6 miles with a lot of heavy acceleration and some hills.

  • Range seems to have gotten even better 0_1492986535101_Screenshot_20170423-165421.png

    I would def like it to have more speed tho I am pretty noobish and I can see myself getting use to 19mph real quick.

  • Nice man!! The better speed of the + is nice in comparison to the original OneWheel. On the Original on Extreme shaping, I would get the beginning of pushback at 13.5 mph. On the + I get pushback beginning at 16-16.5mph in Mission shaping. Its also quieter at those speeds by a significant bargain, whereas my Original definitely made noticeable noise when pushing it at those limits.

    I have been pushing the limits of the battery a bit more each ride and doing a full charge. I just got back from the ride starting at 100% and rode all around town (in Mission shaping) until I reached 1% battery life. The total trip was 7.9miles, assuming the OneWheel trip odometer is actually correct. If I can remember all the turns I made, etc., I'll have to see if I can use Google Earth to retrace the mileage for comparison purposes. I'm a very lightweight dude, so that probably helps with the mileage I'm experiencing too.

  • @T-CAT said in Got my onewheel small unboxing *instagram*:

    pushing the limits of the battery a bit more each ride and doing a full charge. I just

    I get anywhere between 4.5 to 6.5 miles on a charge depending where I go and how I ride.

  • That's darn good and seems in line with Future Motions specs.

    In the future, I'd love to see replaceable batteries and/or better mileage, but I'd still rather get less mileage on a device like this than a traditional electric skateboard because the fun factor and versatility of a OneWheel is amazing.

  • @T-CAT honestly I think the range is enough you get tired after running the battery out anyways. However more range while keeping the same weight or less would always be welcome. I would like to have more speed before push back while keeping the same range seems like a more plausible idea at this point in time. Almost seems like the board can do 21-22 mph

  • I definitely agree about the weight. Before the range is improved and/or before swappable battery capability, I'd put lowering the weight of the board at the absolute top of my list. If it were 15 pounds or so, it would make a significant difference in portability.

  • Going a bit off topic, but I should pump more air if I'm on the heavier side? I'm around 215LB I think. What would I notice if i change it from 20 to 22 psi? @Waterloo1wheeler

  • @bazzingapunk
    I am 230+ and run 20.5 and it rides well. I get around 6 mile range.

  • @bazzingapunk The more air the "harder" the ground/bumps feel and you will get a little less grip when offroading, especially on loose gravel. Definitely don't be afraid to try different PSI levels to find what works. From my experience 2 psi does actually make a difference! Both in range and feel.

  • @bazzingapunk I am 190lbs and at 20 psi from factory the tire feels hard to the touch even when you press it I can feel all the bumps and cracks in the road offroading is not a problem I think I would stick with 20+ if you are anywhere close to 200lbs.

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