Carry handle mod

  • My two year warranty got voided for many reasons, so I figured I'd do a mod I've been thinking about for months, turning photography equipment into a side handle.

    The handle

    The Rail

    Installation was pretty straight forward, I removed the OW rail completely, then secured the above rail with C clamps, drilled the holes, threaded them, then screwed everything together with epoxy. The handle is made up of 2 pieces, they got a little wobbly under the weight of the OW after a few days, so I epoxied the handle into a single unit, no more wobbles.

    The handle has been going strong for about a week of testing, it's very natural and comfortable to hold. If you look at the pics, the handle isn't attached directly in the center, I moved it back so that I'm holding the OW from the true center of gravity, a couple inches behind the axle, because the weight is balanced, it feels "lighter".

    Also, because this is photography equipment, it can serve as an attachment point for any type of camera, also the long rail can be used to attach random junk, like loops for a shoulder strap, cup holder, etc...

    Due to how the handle is attached, the OW hangs at a bit of an angle, it's still very comfortable though, and it feels surprisingly solid.
    alt text

    Close up shot, I had to replace the hand-tightened plastic screw with a low-profile chrome one from the hardware store, the stock screw would've been slapped off after one bad dismount
    alt text

    From the top you can see into the rail where I installed the 4 screws
    alt text

    Kitten shot
    alt text

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