Hybrid elevated/extreme Mode

  • So I've been switching into elevated mode for steep technical climbs and really enjoy the extra clearance and throttle it seems to lend. I'm wondering if there might be a way to have an extra mode where you had extreme shaping until you started to reach a certain uphill grade which triggered elevated shaping. Just an idea.

  • Please excuse this newbie question...why not ride elevated all the time to avoid the nose plant I've seen from pushing to hard?

  • No worries we are all newbies. There is an anomaly where the pushback actually sometimes creates the lack of balance that lends to a nosedive. Also the pushback feature is generally annoying once you get the hang of riding with speed. It feels better to regulate your speed by carving and having good balance. I'm always milking the ground accelerating and then carving and modulating my speed. In general extreme mode is the most desirable. But elevated absolutely has its advantages. The other thing is I don't think elevated has increased push back. I think it is just clocked back a few degrees from 180. Also seems to have more acceleration.

  • Elevate mode is definitely more responsive.. Not sure about the pushback..

  • Thanks!

    So, when riding elevated on level ground - greater acceleration and response - all good right?

    What is the downside or trade off versus riding on level ground in extreme mode?

  • Extreme feels the closest to riding parallel with the ground. Elevated has this cocked back feel to it. I'm curious about battery usage as well. It may be that elevated uses more power being more responsive.

  • @wheelking While I've never tried elevated, mostly because I've got no Iphone, I'm pretty sure that the tilt of the board is undesirable when riding flat terrain. I'm usually riding fast enough for the board to be a bit tilted anyway from the push back. With elevated, I guess it will be a lot more tilted, or at least tilted more of the time. And this would probably be a bit uncomfortable to ride.
    Also, going downhill might make you drag the tail along the ground?

  • Is there pushback in Extreme mode? I think I read somewhere that it is disabled in Extreme.

  • @madsb No pushback in extreme mode was only in ver 1.0. Pushback as added to every version since then.

  • @wheelking As a lot of riders are also snowboarders, riding with the nose up does feel uncomfortable and unnatural for us...

  • @madsb Just as jim said, only 1.0E had no pushback. Probably the whole reason it's called extreme in the first place.

    There is however a huge difference between classic and extreme when it comes to pushback.
    I can only compare 1.0 classic and 2.0 extreme, but from what I've read, it probably hasn't changed that much.
    But the classic pushback has always been overly fierce. Really slamming the breaks when you get up so speed.
    This can easily throw the rider off balance, especially since it's usually beginners riding in classic. So most people would recommend skipping classic entirely for that reason.
    The pushback in extreme is very natural and subtle in comparison, making for a more comfortable and safe ride.

  • @germx Good question about dragging the tail. Anybody have an answer?

  • @Polle Was thinking riding elevated might be similar to snowboarding in powder where you have to keep the nose up. Still curious about whether there is better acceleration and response in elevated mode than extreme...

  • @wheelking As some apparently ride elevated on flat ground, I don't think anyone is going to stop you from trying. It probably comes down to preference.
    While acceleration and response shouldn't be much different (as in I don't see why they would), it's likely to feel different at least. With acceleration starting "earlier" in the push down, and the fact that you can push down more before hitting the ground. Breaking on the other hand is the other way around, so it should be easier to tailslide while braking (something you are prone to do in classic mode due to hard pushback). And while fun indoors, not really something you want.
    I doubt elevated is useful for a commuting style riding (unless a lot of steep hills obv.). But when riding for fun, it's certainly worth a try no matter the terrain.

  • @wheelking the onewheel always feels like snowboarding when you are going downhill. Also when you are carving on flat ground it has powdery feel depending on the surface you are riding. Really the only time it doesn't feel like snowboarding is when you are accelerating or hauling ass up a hill. During those times you are smiling ear to ear because if feels sooooo rad to have power thrusting beneath your feet. The slight forward advance you see in the videos are from power spooling in the brushless motor. Since it works on lean you see the nose of the board pitch in a little. For the most part this feels super rad until you nose dive and learn the limits. I haven't had a nose dive in a couple months and am riding 20 miles a day. It makes a real impression on you when it happens. While snowboarding or any boardsport definitely lends to onewheeling. It is definitely it's own animal. My mind has been blown by the go-karting aspect of it most recently.

  • @ashewheeler

    While snowboarding or any boardsport definitely lends to onewheeling. It is definitely it's own animal. My mind has been blown by the go-karting aspect of it <

    Kinda off topic but as a snowboarder I was blown away of the feeling of control with the OW. How fast / slow / stop / direction responds so naturally to your movement. While bailing on concrete sounds a lot more painful than soft snow; the threat of bailing seems a lot less and I have more confidence on the OW than on my snowboard. ..this is someone who has snowboarded on and off for almost 20 years.

  • @rainynite i definitely agree. I think the control you are talking about undoubtably comes from the hub and the amazing feedback loop the sophisticated electronics produce. Sometimes i think the powdery sensation is largely produced by the resistance you feel in the hub anytime you lean back, carve, or modulate your speed. Whatever it is its totally the best thing ever besides hot girls.

  • @ashewheeler Great description and can't wait for my OW to arrive...are you guys running about 15 lbs in your tire? Is that what you would recommend for a newbie rider? I weigh about 160 and have heard 20 lbs in the tire may yield too stiff a ride and turning/carving is more difficult - which totally seems logical.

  • @wheelking I ride at 14 psi and I'm about 200/pounds.. It's perfect for me.

  • @wheelking I'm 150 and keep it around 18 19. I like keeping an edge on it. Lower psi feels more stable but not as nimble.

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