Clarifying what "REGEN" actually means

  • So last night we did our local OneWheel ride. Got 7.7 miles out of it. When I got to around 7 miles my battery power was at .01%. I rode for an additional 7/10's of a mile with 01% battery power. "Regen" on my onewheel app said 20%. With that said does that mean I'm getting an extra 20% of battery life out of my onewheel based on going down hill and adding power throughout my ride? I always try to be close to home when I'm under 10% but wondering if I have alot of REGEN power left (ie. 20%) if I can stay out longer and not have to worry about my onewheel dying. Am I getting a free 20% of charge because it regenerated?! I know their has been other threads about REGEN but still not totally sure what it means.

  • @atl1wheelin where is the local ride? I would love to join up and ride with some other OWs

  • @CBR-954rr Please join us if your local metro Atlanta. We have a group of Onewheelers that lives in Smyrna but tend to hit the city on weekends.

  • @atl1wheelin
    I'm in Brookhaven so I'm definitely down to meet up in the city.

  • @CBR-954rr - sending you my number via chat

  • By the way, to answer your original question, if you went 7/10ths of a mile on 1% either you were going down hill and charging as you rode or your app isn't displaying remaining battery accurately. The regen number just tells you how much over the course of of your ride that you have recharged the battery by braking.

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