OW+ Fulfillment status (Chart) [Updated 7/1]

  • ~#8140~

    Ordered on 08 January, got it today 02 May.

    That said, I asked for delayed shipment as I was out of the country in mid April for a couple of weeks.

  • Updated 5/3/2017 @ 3PM

    Started shipping again!

  • Ordered Gold Edition on Jan. 7th...and it arrived last Sat. April, 29. Fender arrived today.

    With both of my Onewheel orders, they kinda lamed out with 'premature notification' and yeah, you know what I'm getting at. Both times telling me the board was on the way, only to back-track and tell me later it was delayed. But hey, in both cases they gave me some apology-shwag and with an board sport this damn fun to ride, I'll put up with a little shenanigans..

  • Looking like June for 986X. Boosted Board coming next week. Dang. Looking forward to the OW+. Can't wait to compare the two. I love the offroad capability of the OW tho.

  • Confirmation email today for order #844-..
    Shipping 5/4 for delivery 5/11

  • Updated 5/4/2017 @ 1PM

    Production starting to speed up!

  • Updated 5/8/2017 @ 9AM

    Domestic: All Pioneer Founders & Gold orders were fulfilled and ~1/4 of Silver.

    International orders are a little delayed (mostly due to paperwork required for customs) but feel free to reach FM's customer service if you're worried you were skipped. From my personal experience they don't ship exactly in sequential order so take all this info with a pinch of salt! :)


  • I'm 881* and never got anything for shipping.

  • @lucasam41 I read there were 883* shipping - one on FB and one on the boards here.

  • I saw 900X on FB

  • Updated 5/10/2017 @ 1:41PM

    PLEASE NOTE: As we are moving up in order numbers, it is expected that fewer of those numbers actually represent OW+ orders (and not mafia bags, OW original or any kind of accessories). Other potential factors include people who had to re-place an order (when Affirm decided to screw a bunch of people over) as well as people who lost their patience and cancelled their pre-order. Obviously Future Motion has better info than me so feel free to contact them if you think you've been skipped (allow a couple of days before doing so because they're know to not ship exactly in numerical order) or you want a more up-to-date and accurate shipping estimate.


  • @SeattleCommuter Yeah I was wondering how many orders area actually +'s. Im order number 11,1xx and thought no way is there is thousands of +'s before me. I guess there can be but..haha oh well. As long as I get it before mid July I wont complain, though Im itching for it. I could not imagine those of you who ordered in Feb just now getting it...ugh

  • @SeattleCommuter Shipping confirmation for #902X (5/10/17)

  • @simtech I order a OneWheel+ (Order Number is 109xx) and then a few days later ordered a Fender that was Order Number 113xx. The Fender shipped the same day I placed the order and I've already received it. So a lot of order numbers in front of us might not actually be OneWheels which is good. :)

  • @sthomas00 so what you're saying is that all of this charting and guessing is actually like pulling numbers out of our asses, and all it is doing is "helping" in some weird way with our anxiety around receiving our much desired OneWheel+s? Works for me!

  • Order number 907x shipping label created 5/11.

  • I have order #927X and I keep checking my email and this forum like a Crack head waiting to hear back from his dealer. Now... a OW Prayer

    Our Order who art in Cali
    Onewheel be thy name
    thy orders come, when will mine be done
    we forked out cash and have nothing
    give is this day our daily ride
    and forgive us our nosedives
    as we forgave those who nosedive before us
    lead us into smooth acceleration
    and deliver us from road rash
    may OW give us the freedom, power
    and minimal push back forever and ever.


  • @PwnWheel Well not exactly like "pulling number out of our [hats]".

    TL;DR: As Brad A. Myers said in this article:

    “People didn’t mind so much if it was inaccurate,” Myers says. “They still preferred the progress bar to not having anything at all.”

    My take on it: We're lucky that FM issues sequential order numbers as otherwise collecting the necessary data for creating a similar graph would require most people on the forums to participate, which is no easy task. And although there could be gaps of varying sizes between actual OW+ orders, one could speculate that the ordering patterns changed over the entire pre-order period in response to news coverage, limited-time promotions as well as repeated delays. As such, the actual order fulfillment velocity should approximately follow the delta between the "max order # to have received a notification"/"day".

    I speculate that the % of order numbers matching actual OW+ orders will decline over time and so the speedup in production will feel accentuated. That is all speculation of course but the bottom line is that the trend lines are "pessimistic", which I think we can all agree tends to cause fewer heartbreaks and disappointment on average.

    I'm considering making a "progress bar" graphic that would give a less cluttered idea of progress (not everyone is equally interested in fluctuations over time I would imagine) but coming up empty on a good way to produce one. Anyone has ideas?

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