OW+ Fulfillment status (Chart) [Updated 7/1]

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    Here's my take on it (long post): I don't know how closely you guys followed this whole rollout but dealers got screwed pretty bad. Here's some perspective of how it went down.

    When shipments stalled in February, they were still being assured their order would ship in March. So a bunch of people holding pre-orders were reasonably tempted to "skip the line" and order from a dealer instead. Not only would they support small businesses but they would get their board sooner. It's a pretty tempting proposition.

    FM seemingly forgot that OW had a pretty active online community and that people would hear about the March delivery estimate for dealers.

    I don't think we'll ever know exactly how it went down but FM realized their mistake. They were screwing Pioneer-level pre-orders (dealers would have been able to order later and receive shipment sooner) and people realized that.

    Now let's agree on one thing first. Dealers are invaluable to FM and the future of OW. They're a legion of OW enthusiasts who believe in the product so much they're putting their livelihood on the line. And considering the no-returns policy, it's clear to me that being able to buy a OW directly from a physical store is something many folks really do appreciate (and I'm sure most dealers will even let you demo one before you buy).

    I'm willing to bet they had to deal with many many angry customers directly when they couldn't do good on their March promise. It seems to me that dealers had approximately the same level of communication from FM that we had, which we've all agreed was pretty inadequate.

    They're being punished for FM's mistakes and that's not fair to them.

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    Seems like "regular pre-orders" are now being fulfilled! Stay optimistic folks! :)

  • @SeattleCommuter Tough situation. Thanks for the pepecrive. I didn't like hypothesis that all dealer orders would go next. So I had to voice. I blame you :). I can appreciate. Sure sequence per order date makes sense. FM obviously keep going with your best plan for the biz. Do what you gotta do, we love the product and all (all parties) are excited to get rolling. Btw SeattleC love the charts!

  • @SeattleCommuter thanks for this post


    Seems like "regular pre-orders" are now being fulfilled! Stay optimistic folks! :)

  • @RedSqrl Thanks! Yeah it's just a really tough situation for everyone. AFAIK the longest someone has waited between their pre-order to receiving their board is roughly around 120 days (116 days for me). I'm sorry I made such a wild hypothesis. I'm glad they're making progress on regular pre-orders!

    It's been a tough situation for everyone. But the good news is that it's almost over! About half the people that pre-ordered are now shredding and it's definitely possible for them to fulfill the rest before July comes around.

    This summer is going to be awesome for all of us :)!

  • I ordered 2/2/17. My order number 91##. I just got a shipping notice on Mother's Day. I ordered a plus from the fm website.

  • Order # 1155* here in Canada should I be expecting July?

  • @Smiles More than likely...I got a response back saying my order 11,11x is looking to be in the end of June to early July time frame. Hopefully I get it before then but I originally expected a July shipment.

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    Good progress - on track to have all pre-orders fulfilled in June as promised.


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  • Ok now I am pissed!!! I have been patiently waiting but now to see that someone that ordered 10 days after me has received a shipping notice. FM is F@&ked!!!

  • Hi someone no for the dealer
    My told me 22 may
    I ask is for sure and hi nerver answer me back

  • @deuce1919 What order number? When did you order?

  • @deuce1919 Shoot an email to support@onewheel.com. In my personal experience they don't exactly ship them in sequential order but it should be close. Best way to find out for sure is to reach out to them!

  • @SeattleCommuter I ordered my plus late April I'm order number 1095X, I was told it would ship in may when I ordered it, do you think that's still likely at all?

  • So all this speculation on them filling preorders first then the dealers is crazy. I think someone said that preorders should be filled first before dealers because they are the "big fans". Well I call BS. I ordered mine through a dealer on Feb 12th because my friend actually owns the shop. So the bigger fans theory guy can suck it ;-) My order should be filled in the order is was placed and now I'm seeing someone that ordered on Feb 20 got shipping notice. FM can suck a bag of dicks! I waited months for my first board and now it seems they don't even fill orders in ORDER for the +s. Killer product... but it's a bit rediculous at this point.

  • @neel_iyer Possible but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Most likely early to mid June.

  • I was told by support that orders last week would likely be fulfilled in July. I'm assuming that's an optimistic estimate too. I'm order 11,8xx or something like that

  • I'm order 117XX and I ordered on May 15th, 2017. The email says the delivery estimate is June. I also called before ordering to get clarification on that since I'll be traveling in June and didn't want it sitting on my porch for a week. The support person on the phone said probably the latter half of June.

  • I'm 11,11x and was told last week via email expect shipping late June to early july.

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