After 30 minutes of off and on riding my new OW+, will not activate.

  • I was excited to receive my OneWheel and was super impressed with the build quality and clarity of the manual.

    Alas, after riding it on and off for a bit, I started getting deactivations, as if I lifted my heel off the sensor. Then it started getting harder to activate. Step on the board, tilt the nose down to level and it would go all the way to the ground without activating. Once in a while, it'd activate, but would soon go into coast mode. I tried multiple foot positions, cycling the power, but it got worse and worse until I can no longer get it to activate at all. :-(

    I sent in a diagnostic report and support request last night. No response yet. Any ideas? Bad foot sensor?

    Here's a video of me trying to activate it.


  • @grayforge Some new boards are straight up flawed. I had to send mine back out of the box.They will probably get back to you tomorrow.

  • the light is also not blinking normal 5 6 or 7 times to indicate the drive mode!?..

  • I just called Future Motion's customer service... definitely the fastest way to get help since I haven't yet gotten a response to my online support request from Monday night.

    I was able to speak to a nice woman within a minute of calling and she walked me through a couple things to try (board is at home, I'm at work): Try pressing each side of the pressure sensor and watch for the power LED to brighten as I press the sensor. If one or both sides doesn't cause an increase in brightness, the sensor could be bad. Also said I could try removing the sensor pad, disconnect and reconnect the cable.

    I'll try these steps this evening and see what happens.

    Very impressed with Future Motion so far. I like the build quality, documentation and customer service so far. Hopefully, I just got a rare/anomalous flaky board.


  • @grayforge Are you for sure its sitting on the ground correctly when you power it on? Itll do that if you power it on and its not in the "ready" position.

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