How the heck do you even ride a beach?

  • I've been road tripping down the west coast with my + and having a blast, but I'd envisioned some serious beach riding and failed hard at my only attempt. Seems my options are: Eat it the moment I accelerate because dry sand is too loose, or take the OW onto sand that is being actively watered by the tide, which risks the wheel a bit much for my taste. But I know this is a thing, so what's the trick? I thought if I could gain momentum on the wet sand that maybe I could move to the safer stuff, but it didn't pan out.

  • @ZeeMox only the flat watered down sand is fun, if it's dry you need to maintain your speed and don't stop until you get to the packed wet stuff.. :) On Lake Michigan beaches there's usually only a few feet of good stuff. I usually get a run up to the soft stuff and use my speed/momentum to get to the shoreline. We don't have a low tide...

  • @ZeeMox The key is to only ride on smooth sand, and the wetter it is, the easier it is to ride. If the sand is too dry or too uneven, it can't be ridden at all. Generally on dryer sand you want to do 3 things, 1: keep your center of gravity perfectly centered on the wheel, on mushy surfaces like sand or mud, the self-balancing is significantly weaker, and if your balance isn't perfect you'll lose traction. 2: keep your speed as high as possible in order to maintain momentum. Momentum is everything on dry sand, you'll basically want to ride as fast as you can without pushing so hard that the board loses traction. 3: Try Cruz shaping if you're using Mission.

    Lastly, if you really want to maximize your sand riding capability, I suggest a treaded tire. This thing handles sand maybe 15% better than the stock Vega tire, but FM might void your warranty if you make the switch and send it in for repairs, good luck!

  • @parrothd Aren't you in Chi man? When are we gonna meetup and ride!? haha. Feel free to message me!

  • It's little threads like these that make this forum great -- gives us newbies the opportunity to learn before we make potentially big mistakes. I'm totally planning to take my OW+ to the beach later this summer and these are excellent tips. Thanks!

  • @slydogstroh said in How the heck do you even ride a beach?:

    @parrothd Aren't you in Chi man? When are we gonna meetup and ride!? haha. Feel free to message me!

    Dude...We rode last week... lol....Jon...hahaha

  • @parrothd xD xD xD

  • @ZeeMox best time to go is low tide and like everyone else has said you really can't ride on the soft sand.

  • I was at Venice yesterday, but I was too scurred my plus would get washed if I crashed.

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