Range on the V1 vs the V2?

  • Just wondering what everyone is getting on their V2. I typically get the low end of the range, 5- 6 miles. On mission and Cruz, which is weird because Cruz is slower. I get 6 miles after a full discharge and balancing, typically I get 5 miles. Or just under (4.8 or 4.9 miles).

  • I got over 2000 miles on the v1 and can say I always got at least 5.5 mioes out of a charge and as it's gotten warmer I've gotten at least 6 and even 7 a handfull of times. Got my plus this week and almost have 100 miles on it, I'm barely getting 5 out of a charge and more often than not it get 4.7-4.8, and it seems to charge a little slower :/ but the build and ride quality are top notch.

  • @johnny I had the same experience with my V1 and the same as you described with my V2. A more accurate range for the V2 would be 4 to 6 miles probably. I feel like the V2 was two steps forward, one step back.

  • @johnny I went for a few more rides and got 6.4 miles which was pretty impressive. I set my tire pressure to 25 psi which may have helped.

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