Overcharge warning

  • Anyone know if the overcharge shutdown is based on the battery % or the cell voltage?

    My battery is having an issue where it pretty much always shows 100% battery charge despite everything working exactly as you'd expect (range and everything is good). I've been riding it with pretty much constant overcharge warnings popping up on my phone and haven't had it shut down yet but I've been getting a little concerned. All my cell voltages are balanced and usually below full so I was wondering if the overcharge shutdown was based off cell voltage rather than the battery %? If that's the case it would make me feel a lot better about riding until support gets back to me.

  • Curious to know as well. Had a similar issue. Ride about 1 mile in to work usually at 100% when I get there from speed ups and slow downs but thankfully haven't had it power off.

  • @rustedplastic @darthj0n I think it is based off of the individual cell voltage. It has to be I would imagine or else you could damage a single cell and ruin the whole battery if they didn't have the protection built in.

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