How long did it take to get your Onewheel fixed?

  • So, I've been having some problems with my V1. I contacted support and was told to send it in for inspection and repair. They provided a prepaid label. Mailed it out on 4/12 and it was received and signed for on Friday, 4/14. I waited a week and wasn't contacted at all by support. I though they might be busy with all these plus orders and gave it another week. Still no communication from Future Motion. Finally on 4/28, 15 days after they received it, I emailed support to ask what the status of my repair was. I also logged into the support site to review my ticket and noticed that the status said "Awaiting to receive Onewheel". WTF. About 30 mins after sending the email to support they changed the status to "Being processed". They did not contact me or reply to any of my emails to explain what was going on. I know they read them because the status of my ticket changed AFTER I contacted them. I still have not heard from them and am pretty disappointed. Anyway, rant over.

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