Stepping off of the OneWheel+

  • I do not have an original OneWheel but I'm super excited to get my hands on the OW+. I've been watching a bunch of reviews and how to get off the original onewheel has been mentioned dozens of times (slide your foot off of the pressure pad). But with the + having the full sensor pad, how do you step off without it going berserk?


  • Lift your heel. Wait for motor to disengage. Step off. Same as V1. I don't know why anyone would try and and swivel on their heel unti your toes are off the pad. Seams way too complicated and cumbersome.

  • LOL yup, I did the heel deal for a long time on v1, the + taught me pretty quickly that this won't work. I almost took out both my wife and my neighbor's car learning that lesson.

  • Lifting the heel is definitely the method to use. Just be aware the the sensor isn't always going to detect precisely along the center line, so sometimes you really have to get that heel up high.

    The most important thing is to wait for the motor to disengage before stepping off. If you lift your heel and it doesn't disengage then scooch your front foot a little toeside and try again, or hop off with both feet at the same time.

  • For whatever reason I've never been comfortable lifting the heel, not sure why. For me it feels much more natural to get the front of my foot over the front edge and then lift up. Made a little video for some other riders who were asking about it:

  • @groovyruvy
    Nice and clean "How To" dismounts. I will apply them down the road when a OW+ is in the stable.....

  • @iiikz said in Stepping off of the OneWheel+:

    The most important thing is to wait for the motor to disengage before stepping off.

    I'd say the most important thing is actually to wait until one end of the deck touches the ground, that way you know for a fact the motor has disengaged. If you just try to step off while it's still level, you risk re-engaging the motor and flying off down the street.

  • @thegreck yeah, i agree. it's what i generally meant, since it's somewhat difficult to not drop the tail once the motor disengages.

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