+ Arrived yesterday - first experience.

  • My OW+ arrived yesterday. Fedex originally was scheduled for Friday then it shifted to Monday, arriving on Saturday. When I leaned of it's arrival, I most admit it was difficult to finish the home improvement and look at the brown box not unpacking it. I figured I've waiting 2+ months, what's a few hours more.

    The few more hours would make the difference as a huge storm was approaching yesterday evening bringing 3+ inches of rain. Same storm that delivered snow in Colorado and 8+ inches of rain in Illinois.

    As I was waiting for a battery to charge, my son and I unpacked the plain looking brown box. All the time my 5 year old asking "Daddy, what is it?". When the brown box was opened and with the inner box removed and opened, I took the OW+ out of the box. The I hear "Daddy, that's NEAT-O, what is it?"

    As I explained what it was, I plugged in the OW to top off any charge. With my power tool battery finished charging, it was back to the home improvement of adding on an addition to the garage.

    After finishing up the one side of the addition, it was OFF TO THE BATCAVE (OW+). The sky was getting darker and soon the storm would be upon us, without a moment to lose we unpluged the OW+ and off the airfield. Loaded the app and connected to the board, put the board into classic mode and let the fun begin.

    First time on the board, and before I went anywhere I decided the dismount was critical. I lifted my heel and attempted to dismount. Well it didn't go well, by the third time I figured it out. Unlike my 5 year old, jumping off wasn't the sensible option for me.

    After a few minutes with the dismount, down the grass runway I went, very slowly. And btw, for any pilots out there, it was IMC and no approaches into this field and 3600'x150'. Before long I was bumping over the dirt and grass cruising along. I looking at my app while riding (bad idea) and it showed 10mph, then I hit a huge bump. I'm glad I was on a grass field (soft landing).

    Getting back my son wanted to try. I only let him practice forward and backward. The sad thing is, he learned faster than I did. He time on the board ended shortly as that storm approached. As of noon this morning, we got 1.2 inches of rain with another 1.5 inches expected my Monday.

    So we got a little teaser and now we have to wait a few more days. Sad, but the first 1.87 miles was enjoyable. :)

  • @SkyPilot
    Gotta get out of classic mode. Best wishes.

  • That's awesome! Can't wait to get mine and can't wait to ride it around the airport as well. That's what my one wheel is for...land the plane and grab the onewheel.

    Sounds like you have your own runway that's great! I'm a pilot as well and instrument rated. I own a Cherokee 180 and love love love it.

    But dang I can't wait to get my onewheel!

  • Great stuff, My OneWheel+ is supposed to ship in May and I'm sooooo excited. I can't stop researching this thing and reading about others experiences with their OneWheel. Did you receive a shipping notification once your OneWheel shipped?

  • @simtech My purpose of getting a OW was the same, fly then ride. I'm building a RV9, hopefully will be completed by EOY. Waiting engine rebuild and avionics (and I thought FM was bad, avionics are back ordered until after OSH). What field do you fly out of? I'm at D98 and D11 on the weekends.

    @sthomas00 Yes, I got shipping notifications. After the notification finally updated on Fedex, it went from a Friday delivery to a Monday. Then surprise it arrived on Saturday.

  • @SkyPilot
    Awesome..rv's are great planes. I have a buddy with a -6 and I'm helping a good friend build his -10. I figured when it's time for me to upgrade I'm going with an rv. Though I don't have the patience to build one.

    What avionics are you going with? Are you going to OSH this year? I fly out of KSTF.

    Are you on any aviation forums? Im on pilots of America and piper forum.

  • @simtech OSH every year! Going with GRT and a combo of some self-made avionics.

    All the OW and plane chat has given me a idea. We should have a Meetup OSH @ Camp Schooler (sp?). Look for a thread in the forums.

  • @SkyPilot good idea. I didn't have plans to go as they kind of fell through. But things have changed and I may go. I went last 2 years ago. I'll be in the north 40. As long as my onewheel gets here before then I'll take it though I was scared it might get stolen there.

  • Take that others guy's advice. Classic is a terrible mode to ride in. Kickback makes riding much harder.

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  • @oahukevin - I'm new to OneWheel and have a Plus Ordered that I should receive this month. My question is about the Fender as I want one for the OneWheel+. Is the Fender that's for sale via OneWheel fit the V1 and V2 OneWheel?

  • @oahukevin the fender fits my +. Hope to see you out in Waikiki. Been cruising mine around.

  • I don't understand the comments on "classic" mode - the plus doesn't have classic shaping.

    It should arrive in Cruz shaping, which is a pretty good mode for beginners if you ask me.

  • @iiikz said in + Arrived yesterday - first experience.:

    I don't understand the comments on "classic" mode - the plus doesn't have classic shaping.

    It should arrive in Cruz shaping, which is a pretty good mode for beginners if you ask me.

    There is the sequioa mode and cruz mode is like classic pushback on cruz is around 13 and about the same in sequioa mission is where you get the speed and the new delerium mode seems like its gonna be sick, Most people dont like classic mode because of there being pushback at low speeds and accelerating to 13mph pretty quick you get loads of pushback like tailscraping pushback on both the plus(Not as bad) and the V1 Classic mode is viewed as dangerous and unsafe and you should start on the "extreme" or mission modes because it doesnt nosedive and give extreme pushback. So everybody encourages starting in the higher faster mode for saftey reasons, most of my bad crashes were in classic... So my advice dont stick with cruz or sequioa except for offroading cruz seems better, mission is for ripping through the sidewalks and streets... What ive noticed with mission is that when you hit a bump the tail drops I dont think it does it much with cruz, only had the plus a day so im not sure on that part other than classic is dangerous and i wouldent even let a learner start in that mode.

  • the modes also reflect the nose height
    classic> normal level is horizontal(accelarating pushes below horizontal) allready close to a nosedive
    extreme>normal level slightly above horizontal(accelarating pushes same as horizontal)=safer
    elevated>nose even higher((accelarating pushes level still above horizontal)=safer off road

    the plus modes emulate this, and a bit extra for different ridestyles(soft or firm ride)

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