PIN, GPS location, Remote lockout, Geo-Fencing & Speed Limiting.

  • I believe most of below could be accomplished with both V1 and V2 boards via software updates. However caveat to the board will require a mobile device before riding. And that I fear may not be acceptable to the user community (everyone chime in here) with your thoughts!

    PIN Locking Let's start with PIN, I want to start out by saying I agree with @sponge said. I'm sure a software update could be made restricting the gyro or motor from initiating until there's a valid authentication form the mobile device. This would also require a change to the mobile device app to support support a PIN. And should be an option put into place, along with PIN Locking, we should also have a Remote lockout. After too many invalid attempts (say 5) the board would be shutdown for 1 hour.

    GPS location. As I write this I understand the boards do not have GPS modules installed. In fact for this purpose they don't need it. I look at the mobile device to supply the lat/long of the board. Once the mobile device has been established to the board (remember the PIN here), the phone would send up the lat/long coordinates to a server at FM. A web application (portal) would be available for owners to log in, track history, and current location of their board.

    Remote Lockout. Much like Google has for Android. If I can't find my board, I want the ability to lock it out and track it's location. When a board is authenticated the a mobile device, a connection would be made back to the web-server/DB that would check for lockout commands. So regardless where the board is, once a connection to the board is made, a lock out command would be executed. And as a bonus for those of us who have kids, let's add a speed restriction so our children can fly 19+mph down the sidewalk.

    Geo-Fencing With the use of the mobile app keeping state it would be possible to create a Geo-Fence for the board. Once the board exceeds the geo-fence it would shut down.

    Speed Restriction. This isn't a cloud based service. Just an enhancement to the current application and settings of the board. I would like to have my kid ride the board with the ability to restrict to a customize-able top speed

    With all this except speed restriction, would reduce theft of OW boards by great margins. I ask FM to consider these ideas, and if you need a software innovator... you know where you can find me. :-)


  • @SkyPilot a lot of what you wrote has been suggested/talked about for a while now by the community. The big one being some form of pin code lock that you would need to know the code to activate the board. I would want this to be an optional feature that could be disabled if you did not want to use it for the simple fact that phones die and I don't always carry my phone with me when riding. I would be very worried though about malfunctions and glitches with that system and if it malfunctioned while I was in the middle of the woods and had to carry it over a long distance.

  • @ahxe45 agreed. Hence "should be an option put into place". All these should be options for the owner to enable/disable.

  • yes! I agree that these are excellent ideas.

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