Beep to confirm footpad is disengaged while stopping.

  • As a newer rider, I find stopping and dismounting to be the toughest thing to learn. I think it would be really helpful if you could turn on an audible to noise to alert/confirm that the footpad has been disengaged.

    As you slow and come to level, then twist your foot off, a nice "beep" could confirm that you have indeed disengaged the sensor and you are now safe to step off the board. Just set is as an option, so advanced riders could turn it out or turn it back on while teaching new riders.

  • I'm not sure about the +, but on the original OW, you can feel a little 'click' when the motor disengages.

  • Plus is the same - there's a definite click when disengaged, and it's pretty difficult to continue balancing, so the board naturally drops. I personally don't understand how a beep would help.

  • A lot of neat ideas come out of this forum. Some of the requests I think come from newer riders who haven't yet had enough time on the board to become one with the OW; and with more time, a lot of things people think they need, won't be needed. Not saying there's no room for improvement with OW- certainly there is (like extended battery range/swappable batteries, lighter/less weight, etc.) but I'd suggest for newer riders, give it 90-180 days on your OW and then see how you feel. I suspect by then you'll have bonded with your board and won't need anything more than what's already on there.

  • @iiikz

    A beep would let you know, with a 100% certainty, that the board was disengaged. I know it would really help my wife and kid, who are total rookies at board sports. As a new rider, you are trying to stay balanced while unweighting the sensors. Just a little extra confirmation that you can now safely step off.

    Technologically, it seems like it would be an easy option for those who are just learning to ride. When you no longer want it, then just switch it off.

  • I definitely second the beep, I gave up trying any dismount other than jumping off. Its hard to hear the motor disengage when I ride. I have tried the heel lift and heel swivel several times but I can't get the motor to disengage consistently.

  • In the absence of a beep, when the motor disengages the tail will drop with only a very subtle balance shift (especially since your heel up or foot rolled off). You can step off after it lands, like the reverse of getting on the board.

  • what @iiikz said you need to let the board drop and then step off. It almost sounds like you guys are trying to get off without going slow enough. If you are still going above the cutoff threshold the board will continue to move forward, I like to pretty much come to a complete stop then lift my foot and let the tail drop gently to the ground and step off.

  • @arc918 as someone with 1k+ miles between the V1 and V2, I think this, or something similar is a solid idea. Since a beep isn't really possible to add to the OW, maybe there could be a brief vibration of the motor that the rider could hear and feel?

  • @ahxe45 That's the problem, I am at a complete stop. I can balance on the thing all day long at a standstill, but its when i try to maneuver my foot in different positions to get the motor to disengage is when I start to lose my balance. A few times I thought it was disengaged and when I lowered the tail section it took off. The beep would just be nice so there is no guessing. I understand it will get easier but 90-180 days is a pretty long time. Everyone has different circumstances on how and why they ride, some can't put in hours a day or week. But I also understand I am in the minority, I know why its harder for me to disengage the motors (i wear a size 15 so almost half my foot hangs off anyways).

  • @ctsiaki if you can take a video that may help to see if their is a problem or if it is something with your technique. If you are standing completely still it could be a sensor issue but it is hard to tell.

  • I'm not a tech person, but seems like it wouldn't be too big an ask to add such a feature to the app. We already get all sorts of other notifications (battery under 50%, etc.).

  • @ahxe45 In my case, i know its technique. My friend doesn't have an issue getting it to disengage but he wears a size 10. Its my foot size, lifting my heel it still activates both sensors. Thats why I would prefer a beep. Be easier to find a good way to move my foot were I can disengage the sensor. Until then i'll just jump.

  • @ctsiaki sounds to me like you just need a little practice dismounting, or maybe there's an alternate technique you might like better. I posted this in another thread: For whatever reason I've never been comfortable lifting the heel, not sure why. For me it feels much more natural to get the front of my foot over the front edge and then lift up. Made a little video for some other riders who were asking about it:

  • @Polle Same with OW+ I can hear a subtle "click" when the motor is disengaged. Ironically, this has been the hardest thing for me to get down well - dismounting. LOL. Now, I can stop, lift the heel of my front foot and disengage pretty easily.

  • @groovyruvy this dismount technique is what I've been using on my OW+ for the past few months.. works like a charm everytime without loss of balance.. thanks again for sharing!.. my usual V1 dismounts don't work well on the plus.

  • I think you can set this up in the app

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