Totally different perspective!

  • I have never ridden a OW before but I did place my order in February (#9188). Of course I was expecting the delivery in April but now I am patiently waiting and hoping that I will receive it by May 22 (birthday). At first I was just thinking about all of the places I can commute to with the OW like my daily redbull run every morning to 7 eleven before work, meet my wife for lunch at her work since parking totally sucks, to my softball games... But in the past month, I'll be playing softball and seeing all of these places that would be cool to ride the OW like on a hill bank, or a grassy ditch or a trail. Even when I'm driving I would be looking at how wide a side walk is and how fun it would be to ride up and down the driveways. Parks no longer look like just a grassy area, they look like OW riding parks. Steep hills look like a challenge for the OW, down hills look like a great hill to regenerate the OW. Even when I walk my dogs I'm thinking how cool it will be to walk them and tire them out on a OW. I would be shopping with my wife and I be thinking "How cool would it be if I could just jump on my OW right now she continues to shop and she can just take all the time she wants"... I think that 90% of my thoughts are on the OW and I have never even ridden one... I guess I will just have to continue making a mental note of all of the places that I want to try I ride when I get my OW.

  • @AdventureGuy you're spot on. Same with me. I have a board handy most of the time when I'm out and about, so I can hit something if it looks sweet. The world's basically one gigantic snowboarding run :)

  • @AdventureGuy I have been a rider since September 2015 and about 90% of my thoughts are STILL about Onewheel haha!
    I can't wait to hear how you get on when you finally receive it. Stay stoked man!

  • @AdventureGuy I also do the spot thing. Nice hills, rail rides, awesome outdoor areas, ledge drops, etc. I never stop rediscovering my city via Onewheel :)
    Recently, the "totally different perspective" has been coming from a different place... I have been boardless the last 2 weeks due to unfortunate accident involving a pond (lol). And in that time I keep thinking how easy my errands would be if I could just zip over and pickup that item or zip over and get dinner for me and my roommates, ect. It's such a utility for me here in the city to get things done that without it I feel a little bit incapable haha!

    Needless to say, I don't plan on owning less than 2 boards from here on out for when I have to send one in for servicing.

  • @AdventureGuy

    Welcome to the obsession, guy!

  • @AdventureGuy I did that same thing during the 3-month wait for my V1 board: obsess, read every entry in the forums, watch every Onewheel video available (several times), and picture myself riding every terrain I saw. Still do, over a year later.

    BTW, on the subject of parking, a good suggestion by @MichaelW is if you have to go somewhere you know has bad parking but is too far to ride your Onewheel, just bring it with you in the car and then you can park up to around 2 miles away and ride the Onewheel to your destination, and still have enough juice to get back.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one, people keep telling me I'm obsessed! I've never even been on one and I am trying to be patient, but I know it will be a game changer. Constant OW thoughts here.

  • Order #8157 arrived 2 days ago you might be getting yours by your birthday @AdventureGuy

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