Is there no pushback on mission setting?

  • @groovyruvy Mission mode seems to be working correctly now after I forced pushback in Cruz. However before that no pushback and straight nosedives. Also the little random click I used to hear seems to have stopped too. I feel like things just needed to settle into place or something, but I don't know. I am curious to hear if @wanttoonewheel tries forcing pushback in Cruz mode that Mission mode will behave as expected afterwards. I certainly could be wrong but this is my theory. @groovyruvy I really appreciate all your advice and support you give everyone in this community though! Thanks

  • the pushback I experience in mission is definitely more gentle than in cruz. At first I didn't notice it; as soon as I did notice it, I started paying closer attention, and it is always there at 15mph.

  • @iiikz Like I said night and day difference after switching it to Cruz and back. It's not like I didn't notice and suddenly I did. It simply wasn't there and then it was. As I am not the only noticing this inconsistencies, I know that I am not imaging things.

  • Thanks for all the help and insight! Going to test it more to see if there is any subtle pushback.

    I feel resistance in Cruz mode for sure but nothing on mission. To get over 15 my board is pointed downward for sure

    Pushback or not, it would be nice to know one way or another so you have reliability. My confidence definitely took a couple sucker punches!

  • So, my V1 board has been at Future Motion for repair for 3 weeks now. Only ridden it 100 miles and owned for less than 2 months. After the updated app for iOS came out I started having problems. I was told by CS that there is no way the app should have any affect on performance. What is strange is that one of the problems I was having is that pushback in Extreme mode stopped working. It works in Classic mode but not in Extreme mode. It's weird how some of you Plus owners are able to get pushback and some none. I wonder if this is related?

  • Hi everyone I have a v1 for 3 day bc i can't wait for the plus
    What is the best for have the pushback late as possible
    Bc went I start enjoy to carve the pushback start it is so bad

  • @baron Extreme mode

  • I'm in extreme mode

  • I took my OW+ for a ride today (Mission mode) and I had two very strange nose dives but no "alarm footpad sensor - no rider detected" notification from the app, also when standing still a couple of times the motor turned off even with my foot fully on the sensor.


    PS: I already contacted Future Motion

  • @pedro How in the hell did you keep your balance TWICE?!! Great job man!

  • almost looks like your riding classic mode with the nose below horizontal...this will always result in nosedives ±)....stupid PLUS problems!! :(:(

  • I just read this for the first time but might explain a lot of + nosedives..
    Onewheel+ New owner/Rider... Took it for the first ride today.

    "Third, talked to FM and clarified some information that is out there. Changing the modes on OW+ does not change the nose level as it did in V1...."
    I did not know or hear this before but this explains a lot :(:(

  • @goconfigure I always keep my weight on the back foot :)

  • @baron Then you're in the best mode for have the pushback late as possible

  • @timvdp I was riding on mission mode

  • @pedro I know but the height of the nose just looks like riding classic(danger) mode....doesn't help in preventing nosedives :(:(

  • Messing around today in mission mode and at 18psi learned a few things. I concentrated on feet position and hip and shoulder position. I felt like I was in good control and just carving and having fun. My app went off and I hit 20mph which is record for me. Didn't feel it though. I noticed with my body position that I was just moving along and didn't even really feel the pushback like I was feeling before. All in all just a smoother ride.