Bumper - quick dumb question

  • Fist time user of OW. I just received my OW+ as a GOLD member which perk is having a fender and bumper. I see the OW+ already has bumper installed(?) and on the package it includes another set of bumpers, plus I received a separate shipment of bumpers. Are they all just spare parts? Because they look all the same too me.
    (does it wear out that much that having extra bumpers is a "feature"?)

  • @bazzingapunk the + you received should have an original pair of bumpers installed on the board. In the box you should also have received a spare pair of bumpers, to be used if you ever wear out the original pair (depends on how much sliding, scraping, etc you do). If you received yet another pair of spare bumpers shipped separately, my guess is that FM goofed and shipped you an extra set of bumpers instead of shipping you a fender (which comes separately). It's happened to a few folks on this forum, so email FM and let them know they still owe you a fender.

  • @groovyruvy thanks! I was about to uninstall and then I noticed they were alike. Thought it was an upgrade....lol.
    I got the fender separately. So yay for free bumper I guess.

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