Placing a new order now? Check the Dealers page

  • I know the topic of ordering from a dealer instead of direct has been covered, but I wanted to share my info in a dedicated thread none the less.

    I pre-ordered my OW+ on Jan-6th and received it April-21st - I love it. My kids love it. My wife loves it. My wife even asked me to get a 2nd OW so we can ride together rather in turns.

    So yesterday I came to place a new order and I ended up getting discouraged by the "Shipping In June" notice. Our family Summer road trip starts the first week of June and we want our OneWheels with us.

    So I started calling a few dealers in my local state of Texas and in California where we will be traveling through on our road trip - thinking maybe they will receive their boards before we pass by and can pick them up on the road.

    To my surprise the dealer in California said, "I have 5 of my pre-order boards not claimed, and they should be here by the end of next week. I offer free shipping and since you are in Texas you don't have to pay sales tax."

    My suggestion to those who are in a similar boat with placing a new order right now when supply is constrained and direct shipping is delayed - and there are no direct pre-order benefits like extended warranty, free fender, etc - it might be worth your time to contact a few dealers to see if they have unclaimed boards you can jump on. YMMV.

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