Front Headlight is Flickering

  • Hey guys so this has been a problem on my V1 for a couple weeks and it's baffling me so I wanted to ask and see if anyone is Tech-savy enough to know a fix... You can see how my headlight flickers in THIS VIDEO... I love my nightrides on the golf course and the lack of a working headlight is starting to bother me haha. You can see that the lights aren't burnt out or anything, it just looks like a short is causing the light to flicker on and off.
    If anyone knows of a way I can fix or troubleshoot this let me know!

  • @slydogstroh I'm not very technical but there's been discussion on the forum about the touchiness of the LED lights on some boards. One of my original boards has LEDs that work sometimes, not all the time. Could be a moisture issue, may be a faulty connection. I've seen a few vids of your rides, and with you dropping off mad-high curbs and what not, you're putting some stress on the board and that may have something to do with it. Maybe some of the fix-it-yourselfers on this forum can square you away, show you a photo of how to repair, etc.

  • Easy fix.. and id help you if you didn't talk behind my back on Facebook.. funny how you tried to roast my fenders right after asking me for a free fender.. I hope nobody helps you..

  • Don't know about the headlight...but the video footage is swEEt :)

  • @njcustom I made one comment sharing my experience with your fender on someone else's post at 9pm at night.. not like I'm flying an anti-Rambo's fender flag. But what do I care kid, what goes around comes around. You'll meet your moment of truth.
    Funny enough, this issue came to be right after I used your fender riding in wet conditions with water all over the footpads... I didn't mention that originally but thanks for chiming in. 👍🏼

  • @slydogstroh I'm not an expert but I'm assuming you have checked all the connections for any loose? I'm sure worst case if you can't get the OG headlights working right again you can rig up some new led lights for night riding.. lots of easy DIY light mods.. search esk8 forums for help.. good luck hommie.

  • @GlueBreath Thanks man! Yea I checked the connections under the front footpad..... I get my PLUS on Monday so I'm not really sweating it, just thought I'd ask the community here in case someone has had the same problem and came up with a fix.

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