Regenerative Carving...

  • Hey everybody wishing that this might get attention from FM. I was thinking the other day when my battery was at about 3 percent and I was a mile and a half away from home, I was carving and having fun and figured that if FM could make the board regenerate battery while carving that, 1. More people would learn to carve, and 2. It would be way cool. I have no idea how it would work but I bet that with some time while hopefully developing next gen you could work this out and incorporate it into a V3 or the onewheel++. If anybody really smart can give some input on how this might be possible it would be greatly appreciated.

  • you are creating extra friction somewhere...but converting that...???
    not interesting for now :(

  • You have to brake to regenerate power..

  • It's been suggested that while carving, you may use less juice as opposed to going straight since you'll putting less strain on motor.
    My guess is .5 mile extra.

  • Carving seems to extend my range enough to be noticeable compared to riding in a straight line but not a crazy amount. That being said they would have to jack the price of the board way way higher and it would be much heavier to convert the motion of the board leaning side to side into any sort of usable energy.

  • @OffRoadOW Have been thinking along similar lines.

    Something has to be there..

  • @sonny123 i would say carving eats the battery.. it wears the tire and bearings in the rim.. more friction, more battery..

  • @njcustom

    One of these days, I'd like to do a test now that I can mobile charge.

    I'll shoot a straight charge compared to constant carving.

    It'll be interesting to see what comes out.

    You may be right.

    Floyd Bennet field is the best place to test.
    Need to test range on some scooters as well.

  • i agree with @njcustom - my presumption is that carving would not increase battery life, and would more likely use more battery than straight/level. in order to keep some speed while carving, you are are generally nosing into the turn and asking the motor to compensate for the additional lean and friction.

  • Tall are confused I think... I mean like making something or incorporating something into the next board that will make it regenerate when you carve I know you get a tad bit more range while carving but I just thought the heelside to toeside motion could be means to regenerate power so you can shred forever.

  • i wouldn't hold your breath for that one. even if you could somehow generate power, it wouldn't come close to generating the power needed for anything more than a very modest range increase.

    i personally don't think you could create something that generated power while also keeping the system rigid and stable enough to ride. the onewheel relies on the fact that the system is rigid so that changes are translated as "instructions" to the processor (i.e., lean to move), and the motor turns in response.

    any power generating tech other than solar or braking regen would likely require some form of movement to generate energy. and as i mentioned earlier, i think carving potentially uses more power than riding; even if not, there's no feasible way it would generate enough to reasonably extend range.

    my guess (based on little more than my opinion), is that any modest range increase while carving is likely related to slower speed.

    just my 2 cents.

  • With the App now, you can actually see live numbers as power is regenerated. Just go to the settings view to see that data as you're riding. Looking at those numbers, it is obvious that even the slightest variations between accelerating cruising and breaking make a difference. I would have to record the settings view to video from two reasonably similar rides and compare how much power is generated at certain key points during the ride like carving turning going straight etc.

    Something else also.. I've been running low on juice many times mid-trip and I've solved my predicament by converting calories to electricity by carrying my board up a hill and then coming down charging the battery that way. With 100 steps uphill I can get 2% recharge so climbing that 100 footstep hill 10 times gives me 20% charge which means about 2.5kilometers on flat terrain. Highly recommended! 🏄💪🏻


  • @akoskinen I don't trust the app at all anymore. This past weekend alone I have run out of battery twice when I was a half mile away from my destination. The app said I had 14% left the first time and 10% left the second time. Once I switched to a different app it immediately showed that the battery was completely drained. All cells were balanced and when I looked closer at the FM app I saw that it said I consumed 108% of the battery and 1% regen but somehow I had 14% battery left??

  • @ahxe45 I often have the opposite...
    I can ride several more blocks with 1% on the app (also the OWbuddy, and my cells are balanced as well)

  • @Polle that's funny because it used to be that way for me. I would be able to keep going on 1% for a good distance. Now it seems like the app shows 100% for almost the first mile or two then will drop rapidly but will the board will die around 10%.

  • @ahxe45 Strange indeed!
    your current situation could be explained by the app not updating the info the OW sends in real time, but the other way around not...

  • @OffRoadOW you mean like a Ripstik? ;-)

  • Can people stop with the perpetual motion ideas? Please read up on the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics... Like @noahsw said, if you want to "go forever" buy a Ripstik and eat your wheaties.

  • @TimsterB123 I think it's less about perpetual motion and more about trying to figure out how to use the energy created by the rider to sustain the Onewheel. You can ride for hours on a regular skateboard without batteries OR perpetual motion.

  • @thegreck

    As best I can see, and I am fairly good at this sort of thing, there is exactly one feasible option.

    Place the footpads on a 'soft mount' that allows them to lean side to side, and place pico generators under the edges of the board.

    Frankly though, as others have noted, the actual gain would be shit at best, and the impact to the board's design and specs are simply not worth it.

    Grab the board, climb a hill, (or parking garage in South Florida), then ride down and regen. Or buy a Ripstik. ;-)

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