Race for the Rail

  • Are you ready?

    Race for the Rail is back. Go head to head with the best Onewheel riders in the world at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. Qualify in time trials to make it into the bracket of 16. The winner will hoist the Rail and own the title of Onewheel Champion.

    Join the Facebook Group and register for the qualifier on eventbrite.

    See you there...

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  • @Future-Motion I think it's safe to say a lot of us are stoked to see this, thanks for putting it together!

  • Hey folks,

    Who is the fastest of them all? Race for the Rail is LIVE streaming on Youtube at 3:00pm (mst). You'd be silly not to tune in!


  • Race for the Rail 2018???? I haven't seen anything announcing this years event... Will it be at the 2018 GoPro Mountain Vail, CO event June 7-10? Also, if so, OW should add a tricks competition with judges and a top of the mountain to bottom timed race.

  • @birdawg I went last year, but if it's the same as last year I'm going to pass. It really needs a lot more rider focused activity if it's going to be a destination event for riders. Now that there's FloatLife Fest, there's not much reason to go to Race for the Rail. It was more like a marketing booth. I could have bought a new Onewheel Plus for what I spent to go to Race for the Rail.

  • @acumen I was there as well and it needs a celebrity judge panel for a tricks competition and a down hill timed race from top of Vail mountain to the village. Should also organize group rides around the town trails. They should also stream with better technology and connection...Connections in the town of Vail could help... call me.

  • Can we use our own boards at RFTR this year?

  • @znzn Last year you could ride either. However, Time is a ticking and we are getting very close to the June GoPro events in Vail, CO and we have yet to hear from @Future-Motion or @onewheel as to a RFTR competition this year... What's up guys, are we going to keep the fun rolling for the 3rd straight year??? Do you need local organizer help??? Here I am, and have very good friends/connections in the town.

  • @birdawg I heard you could only compete in time trials and final brackets with the Plus boards that Future Motion provided. Are you sure you could use your own boards during the competition?

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