Onewheel + won't turn on

  • Hey guys

    I'm new to Onewheel. Just got my plus yesterday. I briefly charged it up. Took it for a spin and was really stoked.

    After running it 30-35 minutes it shut off on its own, I thought I ran the battery out. So I took it home to charge and then it wouldn't come back on even with charger indicating "green".

    Now it's just totally dead. Blue LED doesn't show life.

    I have notified customer service but just hoping someone hear could share some insight. If they had this happen and what I should expect.

    Let me know. Thanks.

  • Your battery is toast. You probably don't want to hear this, but you will have to send it in for a warranty claim. The good news is FM is fantastic on customer service and should have it back to you in about a week depending on how close you live.

  • @jeffmccosker thanks for the response. I've waited this long to get riding what's another week.

  • One thing to try is pressing the power button while it's plugged in. Sometimes it won't initiate charge just by plugging in and pressing the power button will change the power brick light from green to red, indicating charging.

  • @markdjr I'm pretty sure I tried that. I also get a red light for about a minute and then goes green when I charge but still nothing when I press the on button.

    Is there something I could have done to prevent the battery from burning out? The board didn't give me any indication that I could tell.

  • @captjack it's not you. Like @jeffmccosker said it's a problem with the battery, and likely only FM can resolve, so you'll need to send it in.

  • @groovyruvy cool.

  • literally just shipped mine back yesterday for the exact same reason only it took 6 days for mine not to work, i hope i dont have to pay for a new battery :(

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