Wave stand with onewheel+

  • Anyone here have the wave stand and a +? I was wondering if it will still work with the + since it looks like the spot for the board might not be able to handle the new footpads

  • They have modified it. The front black piece is slightly different and fits both boards.

  • So, old wave stand works with Onewhell +? thanks

  • This is my design for a metal stand. Works well and smaller footprint than the WaveStand. $5 worth of scrap metal, a rattle can spray job and a cutout from my board's box. And charges without issue in vertical orientation.
    Nice for keeping the tire off the wall.


  • @dougzilla are you interested in selling an unpainted version of your stand?

  • Hello No-
    People always ask if they can buy my little hobby projects but in truth this would be an unprofitable use of my time and trust me I am pretty much a hack welder anyway. Feel free to copy it.

  • @dougzilla I understand, I've always been interested in picking up welding, even if I never get good at it, it would be awesome to put together little useful things like this on my own. At the moment, all I have access to is acrylic... hmmmm

  • @dougzilla said in Wave stand with onewheel+:

    Hello No-
    People always ask if they can buy my little hobby projects but in truth this would be an unprofitable use of my time and trust me I am pretty much a hack welder anyway. Feel free to copy it.

    Hey Doug, mind sharing a side profile shot of that? Curious about the dimensions (length of the middle spine, and distance from front lip to middle spine) and angles... this is a super clean design, so I think I'm going to make a wooden version (using something with a cool grain).

    Love your stand though!!!

  • Damn dude! That looks great, I wish you would consider selling.

  • @dougzilla If it's unprofitable, that just means you're not charging enough.

  • @dougzilla - please sell us $500.00 OW stands in which the welds are guaranteed to fail in the first month of use!!

    Sweet stands btw.

  • Hey guys. It’s nice to hear so many positive replies.
    These little digressions of mine take me way longer than what a true fabricator could crank out and so making these for sale would just mean less time for me to ride my 0Ws. Right?
    So, with that said, consider this design open sourced to any hobbyist or motivated Maker that wants to build and/or sell them.
    Here is the quick rundown. All mild steel.

    Base is 3/8 thick x7x7 inches for the V1 base and 7.5x7.5 for the 0W+
    front lip is 3/8x1 bar welded to the front at an 80º angle
    upright is 1/8x4 inch flat strip welded to base at about 83º angle, 2 inches from the front for the V1 and 2.5 inches for the Plus.
    If you are like me, then a fair bit of grinding with the 60 grit flap disc is now in order. A bicycle frame welder could make this beautiful without the need for touchup.
    Little adhesive lamp bumps for the bottom make it stay put.
    This can of paint does one stand. Finish with a sticker or cutout and clear lacquer gloss.

    Have at it!

  • I purchased one before I got the onewheel + and it fits it perfectly. It stands upright and hasn't fallen off the base. I was a little concerned too at first but I sent an email asking if it would still fit the + edition which they reassured me it would.

  • @dougzilla hey man, I'm going to try and take a crack at these. I'll do a small test run batch and try to price them as cheap as possible for everyone. Probably just go with bare steel finish and might even rust a few to see how they look. When they are ready I'll post them in Onewheel Owners Group on Facebook.

    Thanks for he inspiration @dougzilla!

  • Hey @jeffmccosker - Cool. I hope they come out great and you can sell them to others because mine work great. I don't use the Facebook so maybe you can post the result to the forum so I can get a look at your work.
    Good Luck.

  • Hey fellow riders! I created the Anchor Stand for Onewheel and they're now available for purchase in Black Powder-Coated Steel and Anodized Aluminum at a great introductory price of $59.99 + $10 shipping: http://groovyruvy.bigcartel.com/, allow 7-10 days to receive yours. Fabricated from a single piece of metal, they fit all boards- both the Original and the +, and accommodate Float Plates as well as the Craft + Ride Tail. They look super premium and solidly hold all Onewheels firmly in place. I'm really proud of these stands and I'm stoked to share them with the Float Life Community!

  • I purchased a wave stand as well as a onewheel+. I have received the stand, but I am still waiting for the board.

    I asked this question before purchasing the stand, and was told by support that it would fit everything. I will report back once I receive the board (which may not be until end of July or later), given that my board order is in the high 11ks

  • I just installed skid plates on my board and it will not work with the official wave stand. It will eventually tip over since it adds extra girth to the onewheel and cannot stand upright. If skid plates are something you're looking to install I would steer away from Onewheel's official wavestand.

  • @spaz I think no matter what you're going to add, you should probably stay away from a $100+ Onewheel stand! Hahaha

    @groovyruvy 's stand above looks pretty sweet if you're going for that simplistic vibe. @thegreck 's Silver stand is legit. Craft and Ride makes a pretty beefy double wave stand if you're looking for something with some heft.

  • @jeffmccosker thanks! I was going for essential minimalism ; )

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