1W+ has exceeded my expectations - need advice on air travel though

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    @groovyruvy- I travel to rad places on a frequent basis and am going to figure out how to work SeaTac to make it happen. The other (and safest) alternative is to show up a few hours early and try to carry on. If TSA denies me then I'll take it home and come back in time to make my flight.

    Curious, has anyone done this out of SeaTac and if so we're you given any trouble?

    Doubt it'd make a difference either way but I will have it sitting in the form fitting Mafia sling pack

    Since I've only had my + for a month or so, I have not had an opportunity to take it through SeaTac. I did a road trip down the west coast and back up and rode it all over and it was fuckin amazing. Traveling with these things is the way to cruise around a new place. Please do come back to this thread and update us on how SeaTac went for you if you give it a shot. Highly relevant for others living in the area :)

  • Does anyone (@groovyruvy ? @MichaelW ?) happen to know the width x height x length measurements of the outer box the Onewheel ships in? And is the shipping weight 39lbs?

    I'm trying to figure the cost to ship it from California to Florida, but using my guesstimate box sizing, I'm coming up with nearly $300 for the cheapest one-way shipping (I'd measure it, but my shipping box is currently en route to FM headquarters because I'm getting a tire change on board #1).

    That's pure insanity. I'd rather just buy another Onewheel when I get there than to pay $600 just for shipping.

  • @thegreck the plain brown outer box (that houses the smaller branded box that has the OW inside it) is 33" W x 15.5" D x 14.5" H.

  • @thegreck Shipping is best through UPS I believe. Should be about 50 bucks.

  • Thanks @groovyruvy and @MichaelW ! $100 round trip is so much more doable than $600.

  • Yeah right! I shipped a small box with a nearly-empty camelbak in it to someone through UPS a year ago and it cost me $40. Could not have been more than 6 lbs. Shipping a onewheel across the country is going to cost you a mint.

  • @thegreck Shipping weight is 30 lbs.

  • @thegreck @ZeeMox when I have sold boards in the past I used ups and I shipped one from Pennsylvania to California and it only cost me $60. That was the farthest one I had to ship, all others were around $50 and below using ups.

  • @SC720 Oh crap, I was off by almost 10 pounds! Thanks!

  • I'm not sure how people were able to get such good prices. I entered the updated info into the UPS pricing calculator and chose the cheapest service (4-day ground), but it's still $100 each way ($200 round trip).

    That's better than what I was getting before, but still too high for me to justify doing.

  • @thegreck

    Check out FedEx home delivery if it's an option.

  • Or smart post

  • @thegreck I wonder why. But I agree that is still way to expensive to make it worth doing.

  • 0_1495052784287_20170517_161520.jpg

    @thegreck I just got an estimate from Pennsylvania to San Francisco for $61. Are you putting in the declared value at over a thousand bucks? If you are that could be the reason for being so expensive. I ship expensive things all day and I never declare the value half the time because even if you do UPS does not cover the full amount anyway. Also their terms if you read the fine print pretty much says that they are not responsible for anything that happens to the package so if you do have a problem you wont get your money back. I had this happen on a $40,000 part for a cnc that I was sending in to be serviced I declared the value and paid an outrageous shipping fee of over $1,000 and ups damaged the part and would not cover the expense to fix it. They told me some BS like they only cover up to $1000 no matter how much you declare the package is worth. Long story short it ended up being cheaper to pay the few thousand dollars to have the part fixed than to pursue legal action against ups.

  • @ahxe45 No, I first declared a value of $900, then tried $200. Still $100 each way. Must be doing something wrong.

  • USPS is much cheaper than UPS.

  • @sonny123 Yeah that gives me a price of $62 which is a lot better. Wish I could figure out how to get that $50 cost everyone keeps talking about! Even $62 is $24 more when I ship both ways.

  • Got an eBay account?

    List an item for a buck.
    Have a friend buy it, or buy it from yourself using another eBay account with a different CC.
    Change shipping address to where you want it shipped,
    Ship Fedex and get something like 10% discount

    I did that because it was so goddamn complicated to print a label on Fedex site.

  • Wait, I think it's something like 34% discount.

  • I have a corporate UPS account through work and I tested a few ground shipping costs...$16

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