Speeding up before stabilizing?

  • Does anyone feel like by the time you level your board that it's going 18+ and you have to battle it to slow down? I'm new to my OW+ so there's that, but I skated for 20+ years and feel I have a solid grasp of body mechanics and balance. The first day was fine for the first rides, and that night I felt really comfortable, but today it was just beasting me on speed. It felt like you were leaning back but it would speed up. I even put it on Sequoia carving to see if that helped but it literally felt no different. Where the night before I felt balanced, today I could barely balance ( level the board ) without feeling uncomfortable with the speed. Is it my stance, sensors, just me in general lol.

  • @OneWheelLord took it out again and turned it to mission mode and it seemed a lot better. In hindsight, I think although it seems like the Sequoia or Cruz settings are for learning?, I felt they made it more difficult. I also messed with the hips and shoulder adjustments to control speed and it did seem to make a difference :)

  • Sounds like you were beyond pushback in Sequoia/Cruz. More or less equivalent of V1 classic mode. They are meant for learning but actually more dangerous as you experienced. Research classic mode issues.

  • as others have pointed out in other threads, it helps to keep your stance narrow. the wider your stance, the more leverage your lean applies.

    also, try keeping your weight over the center and think of your feet as pushing down on the front and back (as opposed to leaning on the front and back). for me, it's all in how i shift my hips.

  • @SC720 I definitely think it was Sequoia and Cruz pushback as I was tearin up rough desert in Mission and rippin the streets without issue. Went to show some friends and put it in The easier modes for them and almost ran into a cactus.

  • @iiikz Agreed with the stance and the shoulder/hip movements and felt a lot more comfortable. Delerium sounds crazy for a name, but after I get consistent with the mission mode, I am excited to have even more to get used too. Love the ride and feel when it's working nice!

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