Onewheel+ New owner/Rider... Took it for the first ride today.

  • Received my Onewheel+ a week ago... Unboxed it but had not had a chance to ride. The fender arrived a couple of days later so

    Love the way it was packaged. Double boxed with foam padding on all 8 corner for the inner "retail" box. Opening it and taking out all the different items from the box is an iPhone unboxing experience. Well thought out with good protection for the unit. The trucker hat is a nice touch. I really think this sort of thing makes a big difference . Demonstrates that thought and care goes into the minor details.

    Between the weather and work... it's been hard to find time but I was able to take it for a spin today.

    My background: Middle aged dude who is somewhat athletic - expert skier, decent at ice hockey, generally more fit and better coordinated than most guys my age... but I've never surfed or snowboarded, and it's been 30 years since I've been on a skateboard.


    I had my wife hold my elbow when I stepped on for the first time. 2x back/forth on a flat section of my driveway, sooooo easy!!! I was able to get started, get to speed and carve wide turns instantly!!! After a few laps around the neighborhood, I felt like I had been on this thing for years. Sooo natural.

    Some observations...

    • Like skateboarding (and other board sports)... It's more important to keep an eye on where I want to go and lean back/fourth accordingly. Couldn't be simpler.
    • For some reason, after all these years, the backside turn is for some reason more natural and easy to execute.
    • Speed is the key. I feel more unstable too slow than too fast.

    That all said, need some tips on the following...

    • I don't find it all that easy to lift the heel or toe to dismount. The sensor on the + is across the entire length of the footpad. I ended up just jumping off.
    • Hills... I have a moderately sloped driveway. Going uphill, it just seems wants to stop. Do I need to lean forward more aggressively? What about downhill?

  • @eelhc uphill yes just lean forward more, it was a bit easier to determine how far "too far" is on the v1 because the motor is louder, but you'll figure that out after more practice. As for the downhills, just dont absolutely gun it down a hill and the board will be able to keep up with almost any speed, its the bumps and potholes downhill that will kill ya.

  • @eelhc the heelside carves are easier because of the way your knees and waist bend. it's easier to stick your butt out and shift your weight back (while keeping balance) than to lean forwards and do the same.

    also, it's easier on your feet and calves to shift weight to heels than toes.

  • One Wheel Plus
    I am new to this as well just one week in. I have learned a lot very quickly and became over confident. Paid the price by getting wobbly and the nose dip which I went flying and was not wearing the appropriate gear. Some bumps tons of road rash and a swollen knee later needless to say I have gained a ton of respect for the board. I am a Firefighter and went on duty pretty beat up and looked like crap. That wasn't the only fall that day. It was just a rough day. Very Lucky!!!
    So I went through the threads and found a lot of good information.

    First I got the right gear. Wrist guard and elbow pad. Already had a helmet.

    Second I dropped my tire pressure down to 16psi which made taking the bumps so much easier and helped with the wobbles. It inherently did slow me down which is interesting. It made it much harder to go faster in the sequoia,cruz, and mission modes. Much better carving though. All together easier to handle.

    Third talked to FM and clarified some information that is out there. Changing the modes on OW+ does not change the nose level as it did in V1.

    I have also been messing around with my feet position. I noticed with my rear foot farther back it is harder to go forward but easier to carve. Tomorrow I will mess with more of a narrow stance and see how that feels. Also concentrate like you said on looking forward and not down which you seem to understand already.
    Having a similar driveway it sounds like in mission mode it went up without a problem but in cruz struggle a bit. I attribute this to the lower pressure. At 20psi it did everything.
    Things I am trying to do is stay lighter on my feet by not being so tense.(hard after my falls)
    I did feel some push back today which occurred at a lower speed then normal. Not sure if that is because of the lower tire pressure. If anyone knows please let me know. Take it easy even though its hard when you start to feel like you are getting it. Have FUN

  • @Pleepleus

    "Third talked to FM and clarified some information that is out there. Changing the modes on OW+ does not change the nose level as it did in V1...."
    I did not know or hear this before but this explains a lot :(:(

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