skateboard that can compete with the onewheel

  • im looking for another board that can keep up with the onewheel
    and that has the same kind of durability any suggestions

  • i saw the spectra page but it didnt look long enough

  • @jew_fro_1009 Yes, the Onewheel+.

  • The closest that's built to Onewheel's quality is the Metroboard in my opinion.
    With excellent customer service.

    I have this

    Whenever I take it out, I wonder why I don't ride it more often.

    It's just that Onewheel always wins.. lol..

  • Boosted Board and OW+ are well matched.

  • @markdjr Boosted doesn't come close to the +. Not on range, not on fun. I have Evolve Carbon GTs which knock boosted out of the park, but they also don't come close. Onewheel is really unlike any board out there. eBoards are great, but nothing yet matches to a full-body experience of OW.

    Hydrofoiling, kitesurfing, windsurfing, snowboarding and surfing are the sports that OW tries to emulate. Hydrofoiling seems to be the closest thing. I love the OW+ and ride multiple times a day, but (thankfully) all the above sports are a more genuine experience. OW is great on a day without wind or waves, or after a solid kitesurfing or hydrofoiling session.

  • @Gosha He asked for a comparable skateboard. You just said nothing compares to the onewheel but the onewheel, which I guess is true, but doesn't answer his question.

    I have OW, OW+, Boosted and Evolve GT, so I feel comfortable making the comparison. The Evolve is faster and a bit less intuitive than the OW or the BB. The Boosted has more range than the OW, but not by as much as the Evolve. Riding the OW and the BB with a friend doesn't feel like one will necessarily run away from the other, although the Boosted is still faster and has longer range. If I could only have 2 I'd keep the OW and the Boosted, but I do like the Evolve a lot.

  • I am in the middle of a Trampa Electric Urban Carver build--just waiting on the electronic speed controller. Here is a rough idea of what I have going:

    I tried to upload a pic of mine, but the file is too big and I am lazy.

    I don't have any intention of replacing the onewheel, but I do want something that can provide some more distance for adventures. Granted, this is inside the DIY ESK8 arena, there is a lot already out there. And I enjoy the build to a certain degree anyway. Trampa is a British mountain board/kiteboard company that is a sweetheart of the ESK8 community as well. Some darn smart guys out there.

    Heres what it does for me--17.5A/h battery should be 25+ mile range. Speed should be in the low 20s, which is far more comfortable on 4 pneumatics than one. Deck is very flexy, so the feet tend to last longer. Pneumatics should allow traversing unimproved surfaces. Will climb hills like a boss.

    Different than the OW for sure, but very cool in its own right. Excited to sew it up in the next couple weeks!

  • Just got a carbon GT AT, so much fun. The 20 mile+ range on offraod tires is a dream for longer trips, and it's a more relaxing ride with 4 wheels and all.

    That said, in GT mode it's just as much fun as the OW+ topped out.

  • @nikknak That GT is an unreal board! Its the only other board on the market that is tempting for me.

  • If you hoping to pair OW with the best e-board out there, then Freeride by Ollin Board is likely the way to go. Quality parts, buttery deck, 25-40 mile range and top speed of 28-30 is not too shabby. A totally different ride from OW, but as a board to complement it it fills in the missing parts. Cons: a long wait list.

  • @Gosha This is a joke, hasn't that guy only shipped 2 boards. Ive been reading about the awful service experience.

  • OllIn has built a production line apparently and will start a full on board production very soon. Not sure about service being bad. On my end, I have a board on order and found them attentive. First 10 boards should be shipping soon.

  • imo, if you can't carve, it doesn't compare. And to that end, carving on the OW is entirely unnecessary and mostly for fun - unlike a snowboard, where it is your only braking mechanism besides crashing - but is the best way to ride the board. Bombing in a straight line seems to be a sure way to nose dive on the + in particular, and it just doesn't feel half as awesome. With a (realistically) 4-8 mile range, the OW is a poor choice for commuting unless you live very close to where you work. It's for leisurely fun, plain and simple, and I can't really see any permutation of a traditional skateboard comparing to that. Admittedly, I don't own any electric skateboards, because I could only afford to pick one and I went with the OW. But shit, I did a lot of homework first. Apples to oranges really.

    Now, there is the Leif Board, the recently-developed electric version of a Freebord, which is the pavement-compatible version of a snowboard. You can check it out . Personally, I can't imagine anything more painful than catching an edge on one of those things at speed. The learning curve must be quite high and crashing quite a disaster. But if we're comparing e-boards for fun factor, it's probably the only real competitor. It is on backorder and reviews are highly mixed so far.

  • @jew_fro_1009 and that video was so annoying

  • @dakota4ce this is the only board that is really an option if you factor in durability except that the durability is up to the builder not the board. I have the Bamboo GT and I LOVE it, but if I ever get another electric skate I will look into one of these first.

  • My 2c, having had an OW v1 for a year and one of the first +s, along with an Inboard.

    By far, the most fun riding experience is the OW, either version. But going from A --> B on the OW gets old pretty quickly if the ride is just pavement. I used to ride from my girl's school on 123d to my gym on 63d, a 3 mile trip. It's fine, but mostly boring and while the + keeps up with bike traffic, the v1 does not. Feels slow. And my calves do get tired.

    The best rides on the OW are in mixed terrain. I ride from my place to a cafe at the end of Manhattan through two parks (Ft. Tryon and Inwood Hill), lots of hills, and it's a total blast. My commute across Central Park was also a blast. CP has lots of GREAT trails for OW riding. It's literally impossible to take anything but a good mountain bike in the places that the OW can eat up.

    Now that my office is more of an urban commute, I find myself taking the Inboard more. It's good for longer, smoother rides on pavement, and can sustain faster speeds with less effort. And you can do longboard carving. Not nearly as nimble, so good for the straight shots and longer distances.

  • @PixelPusher For sure. Its also expensive! I am buying all of the good stuff, to enhance durability.

    It will be a riot I am sure. But not cheap in the least.

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