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  • @Tomka Hey sorry, I am just now seeing this. Also I am not sure I can give you a definitive answer either way. Here are my thoughts on the two.

    Evolve GTs
    Pros: Higher top speed - more range - more stable due to the 4 wheels - I love riding around with my dog so I would never get rid of the Evolve.
    Cons: Requires a remote (hands free is really nice on OneWheel) - requires lights if necessary - more stuff = more cumbersome + more stuff to worry about charging and cords etc - more maintenance - requires more tinkering (could be a pro if you enjoy this sort of thing - I do at times) - 4 hour battery charge

    Pros: Built like a tank - more awe factor - so easy to just grab one thing and go versus the extras with the Evolves - more maneuverable - more playful / fun to ride in a slower technical kind of way (if that makes sense) - quick battery charge (gives you a chance to take a quick break)
    Cons: short battery life compared to Evolves - less stable where certain bumps can send you flying unexpectedly vs the same bumps on Evolve would just be bumps (Yes if riding with knees bent / athletic position, the OneWheel can handle all the same bumps as the Evolve, but this is more referencing the random little dip or bump you might not even notice while riding more upright / causally can launch you off the Onewheel. In same situation on Evolve it would be a non issue.) - I take my charger with me every time I ride the Onewheel due to the short battery life. - slower top speed - Can't casually ride above 15 mph due to pushback versus Evolve where I can easily ride around 20 MPH no problem.

    So based on my personal pros and cons if I had to pick just one, I would pick the Evolve primarily bc I like riding with my dog and the extra distance. HOWEVER if I didn't have a dog and I could get where I needed to go in 5 miles or less or just wanted something fun for surfing around town, I would get the Onewheel hands down! Hope this helps

  • I was reading this thread last week and thinking to myself "Well, I'm glad my board doesn't have this issue". That statement only held for a few more days unfortunately. Last Sunday I experienced my first nose dive. I had been riding for almost a month with virtually no issues and have gotten used to riding at at the higher speeds (17-20 MPH) in Mission mode. I have received an error message on my phone on 2 separate occasions regarding one of the sensors not responding for so many seconds at such a speed, but I never noticed any riding issues, so I ignored them. I was going about 17 MPH in the bike lane of a perfectly flat, clean road and out of the blue my OW+ nose dived/lost power. Given the speed, surface (asphalt), and the fact I was not expecting this, I was unable to free ride it out and flew off my OW+ and went sliding across the asphalt. Luckily there were no cars nearby and I didn't break anything, just several abrasions and a semi-deep laceration to my elbow that ended up needing stitches (I was only wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts, but did have a helmet on). I had a full battery when I started and had only gone 1 mile. My stance was solid, covering both front sensors and the back one, no debris in the road, no change in footing, the OW+ just gave up randomly. This has definitely lowered my confidence in the OW+ because once I do heal up, I'm going to be constantly worrying that at any moment without warning my OW could shut off/stop working and I may end up with another expensive ER bill.

    I've reached out to Future Motion regarding this, so far their response has been trying to find fault with me regarding my stance, or road obstacles and suggesting video tutorials to me on how to ride the board. I know how to ride!! It's an issue with the board! Will update once I get another response.

  • @blugamer44
    that sucks, hope ure faith 'll be restored soon ;)

  • @blugamer44 there is nothing more unnerving than riding a onewheel you feel you can't depend on, it undermines the whole experience. Maybe it's because there are a lot more onewheels out in the world now, or maybe it's because there are more people active on these forms, but just recently there has been an increase in reports of runaway boards, and boards not shutting off when dismounted. On Facebook there's a video of a onewheel+ zooming away from its owner at high speeds for very long distances, in fact it ended up in a river (FM is warrantying it)! Some of us are speculating that there may be issues with a batch of the front footpad sensors, although I've had no issues. One thing you can do without affecting your warranty is to unscrew your front foot pad and verify that the sensor connection to the board is solid. Because if that connection isn't intact, that's definitely a problem. If yours is connected properly and you're certain it's not a stance or other rider issue, then you should be firm with FM and require them to inspect the board. Realizing you're not eager for another wipeout, if you can duplicate the problem, and even better, capture a video of it failing, that's going to be hard for FM to ignore. If you ride with anyone else maybe let them give the board a try and see if they have issues, and you can also bench test the board by putting the tail on a raised surface and then bring the nose to level with your hand on the front foot pads- keep pushing the nose further down and see if the motor abruptly shuts off. Whether or not this is a rider error issue or a malfunctioning board issue doesn't change the reality that you ended up with a nasty fall and some battle wounds (and maybe a medical bill). This may be the number one reason I wear pads- because there is the potential the board can fail you even if you are doing (or think you are doing) everything right.

  • Same here with the rando nosedives, my plus is not being ridden till they address this. Already sent it in and they said it had no problems. Yeah right

  • @PowerWheel5000 did they just ship it back to you without doing anything to it, or what is the status?

  • 1st impression on the +

    Ultra smooth. It's like riding a Cadillac. lol..
    Just did 2 miles and getting to know the board.
    I ride with my front foot angled and thought the + would respond even better.
    3rd dismount attempt, it didn't disengage.
    So now I'm back to basics practicing dismount while holding on to the fence.
    I've read somewhere that FM may have received pads with some type of a sensor issues.
    That may be the cause of runaways problems I've read on FB page.
    My V1 has tons of miles and the pads work flawlessly.
    Heck, I'm hesitant to replace them as they look pretty beaten up, but if it ain't broken, don't fix it.
    Gonna take me good few weeks to form a solid opinion on the +,
    but my first instinct, it's a winner.

  • Does anyone know how much weight can a ow+ handle on the front foot pad before it nosedive? I'm guessing that it must be something like 120pounds/55kg. I will ask OW for an official number. I don't want to find out the hard way :-)
    Does light weight riders have the nosedive problem? Or is this happening to riders over 150pound\70kg?

  • @JacoNZ

    I don't think weight has anything to do with it.
    There are videos of guys carrying their surf boards on.
    I'm 225 lbs and often carry my 28 lbs dog down to the bike lane before I let her run along.

  • @JacoNZ I don't want to discount what others are saying as I have had my board nose dive a couple times (luckily i was able to run out the crash without falling) as it sure does suck when it happens and does hurt your confidence for sure.

    That said, I'm 90% certain the first time this happened to me it was related to my stance. It was day two or three of owning my board and being used to skating downhill a bit, I took an agressive downhill longboard/skateboard stance with most of my weight on the front foot. I think I simply overpowered the board that time. It'd need a Diesel engine to produce the torque needed to keep my fat ass elevated with all my weight on one side so that was probably my bad.

    There was another time that it did the same thing at slightly lower speed and I managed to run it out as well. It's still possible that this was related to my stance, but i know i wasn't attacking it like the prior time.

    Both times this has happened to me I have noted the message related to the foot pads not being activated for 5 seconds on my iPhone, so having read these posts, I think I'll check my sensor connections and suggest others do the same. I've been making a conscious effort to stay flat footed and steer with my rear foot.

    I wonder if there are "cold spots" on the sensors or if the sensor area as drawn is larger than it is in practice.

    I'll end by saying I'm really enjoying his thing and while I'm less than stoked about the thought of it ejecting me again, I have enough fun on it to accept that risk.

  • @groovyruvy they test rode it, said it checked out, and sent it back. I asked for them not to send it back until it was fixed but they sent it anyway

  • Mine definitely was in mission mode when it cut out - I even checked afterwards. I agree on the confidence issue. I've been loving my second board and I've had zero issues.

    The first board (that has dumped two riders) sat unused until today when I went for 3-4 miles, (fully padded!) because the second one was charging. Not as fun when you're scared to go faster than you can run! That being said, it performed flawlessly.

    I'm interested in the theory that we can put too much weight on the front and the motor could give up. I would guess that could only happen with aggressive acceleration? I wasn't accelerating, but I was going up a bit of a slope. I weigh 205. Maybe I'll keep riding it fully padded for a while.

  • @sonny123
    I think weight must play a big part, it must be much easier for a 200 pound rider to nosedive that for a 100 pound rider.
    The board will have a limit in weight it can handle on the front pad before it dives.

  • @JacoNZ said in Nosediving +:

    I think weight must play a big part, it must be much easier for a 200 pound rider to nosedive that for a 100 pound rider.
    The board will have a limit in weight it can handle on the front pad before it dives.

    I believe the board can manage atleast 275 pounds without breaking (I piggy backed my son through the park).

    With that said, handling weight is not an issue with the board.

    It is recovery after a direction change that weight hugely affect. When a person nosedives a heavier person has greater momentum to deal with.

    But,If your thinking that excessive weight causes the nosedive then it maybe another issue with self-balancing.

  • @PowerWheel5000 hmm. If that's the case then FM feels it's rider error; because if they found anything wrong with the board they would have gone ahead and taken care of it- especially if the board is under warranty and it was something easy, like changing out the footpads. Impossible for me to say as I have no hands-on experience with your board and haven't seen any video of it, but if FM is 'saying' it's rider error, then maybe it's worth considering that indeed they are correct. I'm not saying that's the case, just saying that it's sounding more likely based on the fact that they did no repairs to it while in their possession.

  • @groovyruvy Yes clearly. They think the board is fine. But in my experience, my plus has serious problems with random nosedives on smooth pavement, and tail drags when riding rough terrain. I haven't figured out how to ride the plus the way I can rock my v1. And honestly am scared to ride the plus these days

  • @PowerWheel5000

    Apparently this is how you are supposed to ride the plus:

  • Can we truly trust a business when they frequently say "it's the consumer's fault"? That is the first defense an entity will use to shift responsibility.

    We must not forget that there was a stoppage in production TWICE for our Onewheel Plus. Just maybe they did not properly address the issues before shipping to us. Maybe something on the OW+ isn't calibrated correctly for the average rider.

    I had a bad nose dive on day 1 in Sequoia mode and I can attribute that specific fall to the learning curve, but last week my board threw me off while riding in my building's garage doing about 5mph with about 60+ miles on it.

    I currently have battery issues (no beach riding here), in which I can't charge the OW+ (red light on the charger doesn't come on) and the battery level isn't visible to the app. I'm waiting for Future Motion to send me the UPS label to send it back. I just don't want to be the first person, and anyone else, to be killed because the OW+ did a nosedive into traffic!

  • @JacoNZ said in Nosediving +:

    Does anyone know how much weight can a ow+ handle on the front foot pad before it nosedive?

    It has more to do with how much weight is also on the back end. It's a matter of physics: if most of your weight is on the front, then NONE of your weight is on the wheel. Result: Wheel spins out, forward momentum stops, you nosedive.

  • I just did my first nosedive going uphill on my brand new +. This is probably the 4th time I have ridden it and it only has about 4 mi on it. This was the first ride that I actually started to lean forward and move faster. My neighborhood is very hilly and I am about 175 lbs so I could have gotten too confident and leaned forward too far moving uphill to accelerate. On the other hand, I did get a few warnings that my foot was not on both sensors earlier on the ride so I'll check that also. I have been snowboarding for almost 30 years and Onewheeling for less than a week so I'll keep learning before I blame the board. I was wearing a helmet but my knee, wrist and elbow guards haven't arrived yet. Luckily I only have a little road rash to deal with.

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