Beach riding

  • I'm considering purchasing a OW V1 mainly to use on the beach-probably 85-90% of the time. It would be hard packed sand. Think this is a good idea? Will I get some decent amount of ride time? I'm 6'2" and kinda worried it will kill the battery fairly quick being on sand with my weight....

  • The range is shortened dramatically for me when I am on sand but is still a blast. The only thing I will say is the sand needs to be really really hard packed because even if your feet don't sink in when walking on it the onewheel probably will. Speed is your friend when riding on sand I have found out, the slower you go the more chance for the wheel to start digging into the sand.

  • @ahxe45 do you have an idea how far you can go on sand vs road?if you've gone on a long beach ride...

  • @smitty on harder packed sand figure on around 5-10% less riding, and more like 15-30% less riding on really soft / loose sand

  • I ride the beach daily and I feel like it gets about 3 miles vs 6 miles on roads.

  • Thanks-this is pretty hard packed-I along with my 5 year old can ride our bikes on it so hoping to be able to get a little more than half the average 6miles. Just hard to spend all that money on it and realize after the fact it doesn't really work that great for what I bought it for

  • @smitty if you can ride a bike on it without digging into the sand then it will be perfect for the onewheel. Also if it is packed down good enough your range should not suffer too much. I would expect around 4 miles on really hard packed sand. I know on the beaches I ride sometimes it is as bad as 3 mile range because of how hard the motor is working in the softer sand.

  • Oh it's way worth the price the biggest problem is finding enough time to ride.

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