Tune ups

  • Is there an average amount of miles when boards need to be sent in for tune ups? Or is it more to do with how hard you ride it? Any experience sending them in from Canada and what the cost was?

  • I'd be curious to know if anyone has experienced any improvement in ride or performance as a result of sending in for a tuneup or if anyone has been informed of an issue FM discovered during there multi point inspection and diagnostic.

  • my boards at 1564 miles wheels great range is still the same 7-8 miles i got when i unboxed foot pad no longer works but thats my fault i was sloppy taking off the stock griptape

  • I just sent my V1(~900 miles) in for a tune up + tire change a few weeks ago and I'm not sure what they actually did other then change the tire.. they said everything was still in good health.. it rides the same as before I sent it in - sluggish acceleration/noisy motor (compared to the plus).. I only paid $99 as I already had new footpads and bumpers.

  • There's no such "tune up" that I know of.. they change your tire and check all screws.. if the firmware isn't up to date they update it.. but that can be done with the app. Someone correct me if I'm wrong

  • You purchased an electric vehicle. There is hardly any maintenance required (true for the Onewheel, Teslas, Chevy Bolts...).

    The tire, pads, and bumpers are obviously wear items. the batteries will degrade after a few years... and maybe after a gazillion miles one might have to repack or replace the bearings. But really... Electric motors require hardly any maintenance.

    Check this out...
    alt text

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