Oh baby, baby it's a WILD world!

  • A little random, but after the other nights adventure I thought this would make a great thread...

    Share your stories of creeping up on unsuspecting wildlife. Whether it's how quiet or how quickly we find ourselves in situations, animals don't seem to recognize OW'ers until the last moment, which can make for some great stories. The other night it was a possum that I snuck up on and investigated for 5-10 minutes. Last year I was bombing through the woods and found myself in the middle of a pack of wild turkeys. Felt like the wilderbeast scene from lion king 😂

    Anyways, share your experiences!

  • Last night around 9:45pm, I was riding down my street (I live in the country) and I spotted a small animal near the mailbox. Not thinking to much of it, I keep my course and on rolling. As I got closer, I noticed it was a cat was digging at the ground. Moments later I realized that wasn't a cat, but a Skunk! And it wasn't digging at the ground, it was stomping it's feet and it tail was in the air!

    I immediately changed course and zipped away from the creature. Last thing I wanted to do was explain to the wife why I and my OW smelled and how I managed to roll up on it with my OW.

  • I carry a can of dog mace when I ride, because there are a lot of strays in my neighborhood, and I know how crazy some dogs get when I ride by one that's in a car or yard or on a leash.

    The other day I was heading to work and as I turned a corner, I suddenly saw a stray dog sitting right off the the side of the sidewalk I was on. Scared the crap out of me, and I didn't have time to grab the mace because by the time I even noticed him, my ankles were within biting distance of his mouth.

    To my surprise, he didn't even flinch. Just sat there and watched me ride by. I glanced back after I got by him, and he was still just sitting there watching me. Whew!

    I saw the same dog twice more after that. Always sitting in the same spot, always just watching me go by.

  • I think it's a really bad idea to mace a dog for running at you on a Onewheel. The noise and novelty is very unusual for them, so their reaction is almost expected. I've done all my riding in Mexico; lots of stray dogs! I have been charged by a lot of them, and I found the best thing to do was just to slow down or stop. Normally that would stop them from chasing. But if they get really aggressive I turn back, chase them for a few feet and shout. On the two occasions that didn't work as hoped, I just jumped off and carried the Onewheel for a bit, and so far all of them have just walked the other way.

    Some got used to me over time and just watched me go by. No need for mace - not really fair to do to an animal that is already struggling to live as a stray. Now those little Pomeranians, they're a different story... ;)

  • The rabbits at our neighborhood are LAZY and the turkeys out at the lake are aggressive, I have hit multiple rabbits during night rides, at least 4 and at the lake the wild turkeys just run or try and kill you.

  • I just passed by 3 chihuahua and they all got out of control and started barking making their owner go nuts.

    Their bark is a lot bigger than their size...

  • @sonny123
    I thought chihuahua owners were nuts to begin with LOL! ;)

  • my experience with dogs is behind a fence or on a leash they freak out and growl and bark but if they are not on the leash and run right up to me they sometimes bark but never have tried to bite me. The second I stop they are fine and just want to sniff the board. I think the onewheel puts out some sort of noise that humans can not hear as well as dogs can because I do notice every once in a while a very very high pitched whine coming from the motor, and my dogs ears perk up every time even when she has been dead asleep when I first stand on the board.

  • @HansBoobie @ahxe45 Yeah I think you guys are right, that's been my experience as well. The ones that are being held captive go nuts, but the ones that can actually do something seem to just watch.

    I'll still carry the mace, but mainly because I take the train to work, and there has been more than one occasion that I thought I might need to use it on someone crazier than a stray dog.

  • I've dodged a couple pursuing tweakers. They have solid agility but lack speed and endurance.

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