Apple Watch ⌚️ App Improvements

  • Getting an Apple Watch has greatly enhanced my riding experience. Being able to receive alerts, see current speed as well as battery left is invaluable.

    That being said, I think some minor tweaks to the app would make a huge difference.

    • Remove the giant Battery left graph. It takes up the entire watch screen! All we need is %
    • Add "Current amps". A "dial graph" would be awesome but just the number would be good.
    • Add an "efficiency" metric: similar to "mpg" for cars. As I'm getting used to the board it's clear to me that carving, stance, balance and aggresiveness all play a major role in the effective Range/speed one gets. A similar metric could be "amps by miles" or something like that. I'm trying to learn how to get the most range and it's really hard to figure out. Sometimes I go down a hill and still end up losing charge. I want to be able to improve my range and regenerate more!
    • Add info about pushback: right now pushback is a black box and not a very intuitive one. It'd be really useful if we could get some idea of what's going on. I think sometimes pushback is more pronounced when off balance, so it'd be useful to know that. Possible "delirium" removes the need for that but I would still love to get tips from my board that help me figure out what's going on and helps me learn!


  • @SeattleCommuter Agreed! The Apple Watch app is annoyingly poorly designed.

    They should follow the lead of Apple Watch's modular display watch face. You can have 6 different bits of info clearly visible at one time. One of which can be a nice, tiny battery remaining icon.

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