Non-OW Related: Anyone else following this product?

  • @cr4p Thanks, I didn't notice that about the weight. The battery does makes it significantly heavier.

  • Not quite as fast and cool as the ones you guys mentioned in this thread :smile:

    • but as far as SUPs go - I have these on order from kickstarter - delivery is any day now:

  • @Bart very cool. i do some SUP fishing. have a few boards including an inflatable. The fisherman sipa board looks interesting. thanks for the link bart.

  • I've been following Onean/Aquila for about a year and even inquired about ordering a Carver. They do not accept credit cards, but instead require a bank wire transfer. I wasn't comfortable wiring that kind of money to an overseas startup who has yet to put boards into customer hands. I'm still keeping my eye on them though. I really want a Blade, but it looks like they are waiting to release that model.

  • @Bart dang it- now I'm going to spend some more $$.. that SUP looks cool! We take ours out to Bodega Bay to go crabbing and the could definitely use the assistance when the wind kicks in.

  • @tomtnt @callenj357

    I just received mine! I ordered 2 on Kickstarter incl LEDs.

    Here is a video from Kickstarter days:

    and one showing the LEDs for night SUPping:

    Note that the video still shows a prototype engine and board; the final product is a bit sleeker still (they just won a red dot design award too). They reached various stretch goals so it now also comes with a handy backpack that holds everything, and an app to further track and control the board. I ordered a spare battery for each board so should be able to get up to 4-6 hours of assisted paddling.

    But as it is now December we're going into winter here in the Netherlands, so I won't be trying it out on the water till April I think... :-(

    Here are some more videos:
    and a review:

    alright enough marketing - I promise I don't work for them - just an excited backer! :-)

    Hope useful!

  • @Bart okay i am sold.. going to pre-order the fisherman asap.

    Did not know you were a Nederlander Bart. Mijn moeder komt uit Utrecht. Ik spreek een beetje nederlands.

    I have been trying to practice my dutch more. I am considering taking some lessons via Skype as well. Hoping to visit again next year.

  • @callenj357 cool - enjoy! the pre-order price looks like a good discount on the fisherman. For comparison - the normal one ('Cruiser') that I ordered on Kickstarter is now selling for $1899 (official list price $2190); I paid $1,265 on Kickstarter, so I would expect that their pre-order discount is pretty real, so getting in early may be worth it.

    Most of my family from my dad's side is from the Utrecht area! I live in The Hague though - by the beach :smile:
    I see you are from Melbourne - my wife is from Melbourne too - except she's from the one in Oz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Did once almost book a surprisingly cheap flight from Holland to what turned out to be the wrong Melbourne... doh!

  • @Bart Very cool! My mothers family name is Mur. I have lots of cousins around the Utrecht area. I spent 9 years in Germany and Netherlands when i was much younger. I miss it very much. I do not have the chance to travel there as often as i like due to work. I have thought of trying to find an IT job there, but i heard/read the process can be hard to find a company to sponsor you, since there are many IT workers there already.

  • @cr4p

    Yes expensive, but I think this will become a great sport. May be not as exciting as using wind or waves for foiling, but a perfect alternative for days without wind and waves. And of course for people who do not live at the sea.

    There are also e foil boards available. I found this comparison:

    They are a little bit pricy, but still cool stuff.

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