New JCR board, like a onewheel turned into a longboard?

  • A new skateboard claiming to be the first to have the intuitive leaning controls that OW has, it's a new board on kickstarter called the JCR board future retail for 1300. It goes 11 miles and charges in 2 hours top speed is 15, not bad but cool concept just not as good as the onewheel. When they get to 80k on kickstarter they will implement a replaceable battery though... FM needs to step up their game before they get 30k more(they are at 50k) the only part I don't like about this board is that when you lean noting like goes forward or the nose doesn't go down when you accelerate like on the onewheel, it just seems more intuitive the way FM has done it, but with a longboard I know you can't really do that...
    Just thought I would share this with you guys maybe for some who are getting to the point that they need to retire from the OW and get on something less fast and dangerous...

  • @OffRoadOW Thanks for sharing! These "body" controlled devices are a big part of our future--and not just because they are fancy. I would be interested in trying one of these longboards but as I've written elsewhere I'd miss the unique seesaw motion feature of the OW.

  • Funding cancelled! Too bad, looked promising.

  • @polysix Yeah, I wonder what's up with that? They raised $55,000 more than they set out to raise... seems weird.

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