Types of Wipeout on Onewheel

  • LOL...cool thread....auch...memories..auch :(:(

  • Try and do a somersault if you can works every time for me. Hurts a little more on pavement but it saves your hands, off road it doesn't hurt at all unless it is really rocky or something.

  • @ahxe45 Yeah that's actually a perfect way to slow your downward momentum. Or even a cartwheel... The Onewheel Cartwheel."

  • I consistently seem to have the same wipeout, typically as a result of leaning really far into it at higher speeds. I call it the second base slide. I get pitched over the nose with my body somewhat horizontal with the ground, arms forward. No option to run it out as my feet are behind me, not under me. Almost never see it coming, which is why I ride with safety gear. Best I can do is get the arms forward with wrists down, and slide it out on wrist guards and knee pads. Also wear a pad on my lower outer leg, has saved me more than once from a nasty oozing scrape.

  • @groovyruvy You should still be able to tuck at the last minute and roll over your shoulder. I knew a guy in high school who had mastered the tuck and roll, and would show off by lining up four or five chairs and run and dive over them, then tuck and roll at the other end and smoothly come back up on his feet.

  • @thegreck

    Someone had posted this a while back in the FB Group, depending on your experience, might learn something about how to fall:

  • @thegreck going downhill I've been able to roll out of it, on flat ground I feel like I'm too low to the ground to convert it to a roll. It may be possible, but I'm not getting tossed high in the air, I'm already really low when I lose contact with the board. Good suggestion though and I will be keeping it in mind.

  • @groovyruvy I definitely can understand that. The way the Onewheel suddenly tips when you nosedive can send you straight into the ground or just catapult you in ways you're not expecting: https://youtu.be/5aCgSwmm5Ho

  • @skyman88 Yes, that was me :)

  • @thegreck I check FB very inconsistently lately...Thanks for the link. Can't hurt to post again here.

  • @skyman88 Not at all! It's the best video I've found on the subject, and one I post the most. I contend that knowing how to fall properly is more important than pads. Because even if you're wearing full pads, if you fall improperly (mainly attempting to catch yourself with outstretched arms), you risk breaking your wrists, your arms, your collarbone, your jaw, and tearing up your hands and smashing your face.

  • @HansBoobie 7. "The Emergency Brake"... When someone walks into your path and you brake so hard your tail slams on the ground, you lose balance, and the board barrel rolls awkwardly to a stop.

    1. Trump wipeout: Your trying to break a speed record (because you are the best OW rider that ever lived) and nosedive into a pot hole which leads to you supermaning to the pavement. You then Immediately get up and pretend it didn't happen. When the security camera footage surfaces you promptly send out a Tweet blaming the pothole. AKA: The Kanye wipeout.

  • Ok, I wiped out when hitting a big ass dip in grass I didn't see got launched almost like a motor failure, in Florida our grass is deep thick and you sometimes won't see a 6 inch by 8 inch dip, and I shouldn't have been flying at 15 mph and I flew and landed on my shoulder herd a pop reinjuring a shoulder injury I had about 2.5 months ago. I rode the plus 2 weeks ago. It's more stable, especially if your plus 225 LLbs like I am so I wouldn't have to be so nose down as well.... but, I will not be as care free in unknown grass, not sure my shoulder can take to many more of those. And I used to be able to roll out of ot, but these are to fast. I'm getting to bold.

  • I believe there are only 2 types of crashes that matter.
    1- The ones that hurt
    2-and the ones that don't hurt.

    Overall reasons why you experience them , are sometimes too complex to really explain.

  • And I believe there are only 2 types of OW riders.

    • There are Bold OW riders, and there are No OW riders.

    Falls will happen, it's in the sport. When I first started riding, I noticed I was getting too confident too quickly...then I would fall. I've learned to expect a fall, not get too confident and wear safety gear for when it does occur.

  • There is also the green sprinkler box crash, typically happens in grass at night, you hit a raised sprinkler box and the board stops you go head first into the grass, get up ride home. If I had a dollar for every time this has happened I would be a millionaire. This is the most common crash than the splits revert than the one where you mess up everything you possibly could, hands elbows keees hips legs and than the side of your chest where you get gravel in your shirt and it just grinds you up. This totally dident happen to me... I will save you looking at the pictures.

  • The "ankle snapper" : I hit a 1 inch ledge in the pavement and it bounced my front foot in the air and of the board.
    This happened 5 minutes after my first nose-dive with concrete superman slide :-)

  • @JacoNZ sounds fun, other fall is the failed trick crash, it's usually with a trick you are just learning and you go for it than bam you end laying face up on the board and you sit there for a minute than get up repeat.

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