Types of Wipeout on Onewheel

  • I believe there are only 2 types of crashes that matter.
    1- The ones that hurt
    2-and the ones that don't hurt.

    Overall reasons why you experience them , are sometimes too complex to really explain.

  • And I believe there are only 2 types of OW riders.

    • There are Bold OW riders, and there are No OW riders.

    Falls will happen, it's in the sport. When I first started riding, I noticed I was getting too confident too quickly...then I would fall. I've learned to expect a fall, not get too confident and wear safety gear for when it does occur.

  • There is also the green sprinkler box crash, typically happens in grass at night, you hit a raised sprinkler box and the board stops you go head first into the grass, get up ride home. If I had a dollar for every time this has happened I would be a millionaire. This is the most common crash than the splits revert than the one where you mess up everything you possibly could, hands elbows keees hips legs and than the side of your chest where you get gravel in your shirt and it just grinds you up. This totally dident happen to me... I will save you looking at the pictures.

  • The "ankle snapper" : I hit a 1 inch ledge in the pavement and it bounced my front foot in the air and of the board.
    This happened 5 minutes after my first nose-dive with concrete superman slide :-)

  • @JacoNZ sounds fun, other fall is the failed trick crash, it's usually with a trick you are just learning and you go for it than bam you end laying face up on the board and you sit there for a minute than get up repeat.

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