Does the Fender keep rocks from gouging the tire?

  • As the title says. Ive heard of people getting rocks trapped between board and tire and making unsightly grooves. Does the fender stop that from happening?

  • @simtech not so much, as rocks and other debris are pulled up from the underside of the board, on the rear side of the tire (an area not protected by the fender, which sits on top of the board). If a larger rock gets wedged under your board in the rear gap by the tire and you keep riding, that's when grooves can get laid in. The fender primarily keeps rocks, water and debris from flying up or splashing up on you.

  • @groovyruvy roger that, thanks!

  • @njcustom, the FB group misses you


  • Sometimes rocks get stuck and it will make a noise, usually more with the fender so you can stop quicker, usually going backwards for a quick second will get it out and than you just keep going, one time I got like 20 wood chips stuck in my fender and that's the only time I had to take the fender off but it was wet and they got all clumped together and got jammed in my fender, I was only a little while from home and got the Allen key to take it off but that's only once after like 6 months riding and I ride in wood chips a lot I wouldn't worry about rocks unless you ride listening to music... but I normally hear it and just reverse, no biggie after a mile of riding the time looks good as new.

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