I am ok never crashing... :)

  • I grew up with board sports as a kid and fell all the time. I am now in my mid 40s have a career and do not want to eat shite. I read a lot of posts on people falling. I took note of what people were saying to do and not do. I am glad i was able to have the opportunity to learn and have a respectful fear of the board. I respect the board and understand the risks. I bought the best gear I could find and look like a total tool when I ride because of it (helmet, knee, wrist, elbow). I would say I am more of the soul OneWheel rider. I like to have short bursts of speed and then slow it down with some fun carves. I am sure I will experience the big wipe out sometime but I know I will be geared for it. Signed.. big padded dork.

  • what brand gear please. Thanks

  • @FCH I bought 187 killer pro pads. Bit pricey but made for pro skaters falling from high vert ramps and roller derby. So I know they will handle my falls.

  • Accelerate slowly.... watch where your going.... you will be fine. Also.. spend the beginning of your learning, first week learning the the fine movements, at slow speed. It's harder to stand still than it is to go full speed down the street. Find a small area, go around small rocks. Make some small challenges for yourself. Build it up. The plus is very forgiving. Based on my 1 hour of riding.the plus And 1 year riding the v1. So just enjoy, but, let your brain learn the board is the secret....

  • Ps 1/3 of the people here at least in v1 world are in their 40s

  • Also... I must notice that the biggest crash I took were always because of external situation...for example, one time a woman jumped from a tree just in front of me, I tried to avoid here and then.....big crash :P

  • @Tartopom said in I am ok never crashing... :):

    Also... I must notice that the biggest crash I took were always because of external situation...for example, one time a woman jumped from a tree just in front of me, I tried to avoid here and then.....big crash :P

    was it one Wild tree Woman???

  • @vespamanwv it was woman that decided to take a shortcut among natural fences of the street :P

  • also in my 40s and have job family etc and want to reduce chance of being out of commission. Ordered skate pads but what about motorcycle gear? Anyone consider it?

  • @FCH motorcycle gear isn't needed my opinion, as most wipeouts are handled pretty nicely by typical skate-type gear (helmet, wristguards, elbow + knee protection; and I wear a pad on my lower front leg as well) and also falling correctly. But hey if you're getting dumped on any type of regular basis, then maybe it's not a bad idea. In my car I keep a pair of moto shorts with padding on the hips and thighs, that might be bad to wear as it's light and can be worn under your clothes.

  • I ride in full leather riding gear only the best of the best use it this is the stuff the moto gp riders wear, I have a full face riding helmet with a Seana built in so when I'm cruising at 20mph I can hear my buddies. Nope I just wear a protec helmet and if I'm feeling like I wanna crash that day I wear jeans but I normally ride in a shortsleeve shirt board shorts and a helmet, I cracked my last one in half... gnarly crash I don't think my elbow will heal especially when I average one big crash a week and big meaning hitting a stupid green sewer things in the middle of the grass or like a sprinkler box during a night ride, expect the unexpected. But dude your gonna get banged up if you have fun, but if just learning only attempt the 10 stair first never go for the 15 first ;-) no don't do either...

  • We'll, I wiped out, it was eventually going to happen. I had all my gear on and man I am glad I did. I have felt really confident riding with no real close calls. Yesterday I decided to go to the high schoolers track by my house and do some fast oval laps. Supper fun! Except for this time. I rode to the school about 3 blocks, walked down steps to the rubberized track ( like heavy grit sandpaper) got back on my board and in my mind I was just going to accelerate fast from a dead stop. I think I leaned into it and went about 10 feet super fast and BAM!! The nose drove into the track without warning and I hit so hard hands, head, shoulder left leg/left side knee, left hip bone. I laid there in shock for a second. Shoulder was hurting pretty bad and I went through in my head "OMG, did I just break my damn arm or my let's? I slowly moved my body parts around and stood up and was still checking out my range of motion and all was still in one place. Pretty banged up and a little rash under arm/shoulder and hip. Woke up this morning feeling like I got beat up. I cannot even imagine what I would have done if I did not have all my gear on. The OneWheel nosedive is violently fast and zero time for reaction. I was on ground in disbelief because it was so damn quick. I did ride back home but was a little less confident. Was it the rapid acceleration that made me nose dive (OneWheel just shut down?)? Did I accidentally lean to far forward? I am not sure what would be worse the track or concrete, that track was so rough to the touch. Anyways.. whatever gear you have, wear it!! You will go down hard on these boards and it will still hurt but hopefully nothing broke or too chewed up. Again I have never been tossed to the ground this hard. Will I still ride this? Of course but I am a little Leary of rapid accelerations. Thoughts?

  • @scheinoha sounds like a classic OW wipeout, glad you were padded up and are ok! My first thought is that the rubberized track surface may have had something to do with it. It's a surface that gives just a little, and acceleration that you may handle just fine on hard surfaces may have been an issue on this softer more absorptive track (software could struggle just enough with the softer resistance to get the board tipsy). I have challenges on artificial turf surfaces- the tire feels like it wants to lean and sometimes I struggle to hold a straight line. Maybe you want to take it a bit easier on these artificial surfaces, and lean into it a little less aggressively as you get up to speed. Were you in Mission Mode? That's the one to be in, as the other modes offer more pronounced pushback at lower speeds. How about tire pressure- not too low? Also I'm sure you figured it out from your fall but anything you take with you can't be put into the frontside pockets. First time I went down I had an iPod in my front pocket and the screen got smashed to smithereens. Glad to hear you got right back on the board- in my mind that's the thing to do, get right back up on your horse and charge on. This was your first, and probably not your last wipeout, such is life as a Onewheeler. Welcome to the tribe!

  • @groovyruvy yes I was in mission. You may have something there with the different surface type. I did not think of that as a possibility. Yes if something was in the front pocket it would have been trashed. Thanks for the feedback! I will keep riding. I at least now know how strong these 46 year old bones are :).

  • @scheinoha said in I am ok never crashing... :):

    The OneWheel nosedive is violently fast and zero time for reaction. I was on ground in disbelief because it was so damn quick

    I completely agree with this statement and could not have said it better!

  • Sounds like you wiped out due to too much leaning forward in a dragrace style start..

  • I've had a few nose dive wipeouts (only have the board for 1.5 weeks) and much like you took it super easy for the first few days.

    After I started pushing the board hard on day 4ish, every nose dive I've had has been due to accelerating too hard, usually in front of crowds of people trying to impress them with my skills. I've managed to run all 3 of my nose dives out. The first one shook my confidence big time as well but I haven't had a nose dive where I didn't know what happened since. I think once you realize you can't accelerate super hard it's easy to recognize when you did something wrong after that.

    Also of note - the reason I've been able to run them out, even when going 16-17mph is because of 2 reasons - 1 I keep my knees bent and center of gravity over the middle of the board. second because I was riding on sidewalk/concrete. When the board dives on concrete it doesn't come to a dead stop it starts to slide for a very short period of time (if your center of gravity is over the middle of the board) before tacoing which gives you just enough time to hop off forward and run it out versus being pitched abruptly which I imagine the track did to you.

  • @FCH said in I am ok never crashing... :):

    Ordered skate pads but what about motorcycle gear? Anyone consider it?

    I have a moto helmet that has a full face visor (but no chin guard). It's made me a lot more comfortable riding at higher speeds. The full face visor is also super nice, leaves my peripheral vision intact and protects me from dust, insects, ... DOT certification certainly gives me added peace of mind. I wouldn't recommend anything with a chin guard as it'd prevent you from seeing your feet.

    I had a mild concussion falling at 25mph wearing a snowboard helmet. I don't want that to happen again.

    Only times I use a skate helmet is when I plan to stay below pushback territory. Otherwise I feel as adequately protected as this man:
    bread helmet

    Also moto jackets will prevent many scratches and some have built-in armor. I feel like it'd actually work really well if you're really worried of high-speed spills...

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